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Field Marshal Games has taken great care to bring you the Highest Quality and most Historically accurate World War Two Board Game miniatures EVER MADE!  Each unit has been painstakingly sculpted using actual historical models / plans and pictures to ensure the smallest detail has not been overlooked.  Months of Research has been invested to make sure this is the best and most accurate set of Second World War Game Miniatures ever produced for the gaming community.

Now or Never! When this product is gone, it's gone, never to be produced again!

Each Set includes:

  • Rifle Infantry x2
  • Sub-Machine gun Infantry x2
  • Commander x1
  • 105mm Artillery x2
  • Autoblinda 41 Armoured Car x2
  • Transport Truck x1
  • Carro Armato 41Tank x1
  • Semovente 105/25 Tank x1
  • Breda BA 65 Tactical Bomber x1
  • Macchi C202 Fighter x2
  • SM-79 Transport/Bomber x1
  • Br-20 Medium/Heavy Bomber x1
  • Transport Ship x2
  • Submarine x2
  • Soldati Class Destroyer x2
  • Zara Class Cruiser x1
  • Littorio Class Battleship x1
  • Aquila Class Carrier x1

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Field Marshal Games Combat Units SET - Italy

  • $12.95

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