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I Will Never Grow Up "THREAT LEVEL DICE" Dice are designed for use with any game that requires rolling a specific number or higher/lower!

Miniature War games (such as Warhammer or Bolt Action), Historical War games (such as Axis and Allies) and more can benefit from these dice!

Designed with an increasing threat level color code (White -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red -> Black) to represent the added chances of rolling a hit as you move up the threat level!

Do you need to roll a combat that includes 2 units that hit on 2 or higher, 3 hit on 4 or higher and 1 hits on 5 or higher? Sure, you could roll all three of those types of units separately, but with the "Hit or Miss" Dice you can just grab the appropriate number and color of dice and roll it all at once. Then, just add up the hit symbols and you're done!

  • White Die : 1 Hit Symbol, 5 Blank Sides
  • Yellow Die :  1 Hit Symbol, 1 Critical Hit Symbol, 4 Blank Sides
  • Orange Die : 2 Hit Symbols, 1 Critical Hit Symbol, 3 Blank Sides
  • Red Die : 2 Hit Symbols, 2 Critical Hit Symbols, 2 Blank Sides
  • Black Die : 3 Hit Symbols, 2 Critical Hit Symbols, 1 Blank Side

Speed up your games with I Will Never Grow Up "Hit Or Miss" Dice!

  • Standard Size 16mm Acrylic Dice
  • Silk Screened Hit/Critical Hit symbols
  • 5 Dice Per Set (1 each of White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black)

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Threat Level Dice (Individual Extra Dice)

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