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New German Units Available for Konflikt ’47


July 12, 2017

Warlord Games has released some new German units for their alternative history miniature game Konflikt ’47!

Ready to bust even the thickest of bunkers is the Thor heavy panzermech, lumbering over the battlefield with its massive howitzer. The Thor panzermech is designed to enter the toughest urban environments and deal with entrenched infantry. Well armoured and armed it does its job far too well for most opponent’s liking.

With all the new armoured machines and genetic creatures walking the war-torn world, Germany has stepped up its Anti-Tank game with the new German Heavy Sniper Team.
With the advent of heavy armour and light walkers on the battlefield, the role and relevance of heavy anti-tank rifles have been revised. Never intended to take on heavy vehicles, they are perfect for tackling scout walkers and the new breed of heavy infantry. This blister pack contains a detailed metal heavy sniper team consisting of an anti-tank rifleman and their spotter.


Kromlech Release Legionary Saber Jetbike


July 4, 2017

Kromlech have a new release; it’s fast and it’s deadly !

Introducing the Legionary Saber Jetbike.

This set contains one high quality resin multi part model of Legionary Saber Jetbike. Inside you will find a selection of weapon systems to choose from: twin thunder gun, heavy thunder gun, magma cannon, plasma cannon and heavy heat-ray. One 60mm round resin base and two Kromlech flying pegs included.

Rebel Minis Releases Gorilla Animech Mini


July 1, 2017

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release of their newest Animech, The Hunter of the Urban Jungle, the Gorilla Mech!

Each Mech is a multi-part kit cast in pewter and supplied unpainted. They do NOT come with Bases! Sculpted by John Bear Ross. Sample painted by Tim Flippo.

Stray Dogs Mini Available from Miniature Building Authority


June 27, 2017

Miniature Building Authority now has 28mm Stray Dogs available in their growing figure and animal line.

You get one dog standing, one dog lying down and a puppy in a box! Dogs are always needed in all genres…so grab some and add them to your tables.

Made of metal and supplied unpainted.

New Van Diemen’s World Devils Squads Available from Victoria Miniatures


June 22, 2017

New in the Victoria Miniatures online store is the freshly re-booted Van Diemen’s World Devils 10 Man Squad and 5 Man Squad.

These now have Bush Backpacks and Bush Knives, making them even better value than ever.

They are also pictured with the upcoming Laser Carbines by Jake Schneider, these will be available for all the Galaxy’s Fines Squads in a few weeks.


Sloppy Jalopy T62 Available Now From Sally 4th


June 20, 2017

The latest 28mm modern AFV kit to be released by Sloppy Jalopy  is the Soviet T62 MBT, available now from Sally 4th

The kit is cleanly cast in resin and white metal, goes together easily and is robust on the table top. Optional auxiliary fuel tanks are included.

The kit is available from Sally 4th and Sloppy Jalopy websites, and Sally 4th will also have them available at the shows they attend.

Brother Vinni Releases New Flamethrower Mini


May 25th, 2017

Welcome the Firebug! Brother Vinni releases a new mini, a postapocalyptic trooper with flamethrower.

28 mm scale. Resin casting. 3 details.
Miniature designed and casted by Brother Vinni’s studio.

Unpainted, unassembled, base not included.

Sally 4th Releases New 28mm Buildings


May 14th, 2017

Sally 4th has recently launched a new building in their 28mm British range, great for gaming Operation Sea Lion, Very British Civil War or any other conflict set in Britain from around 1900 onwards. The kit makes two terraced houses with a handy cut-through or alley way between the houses and their yards. The yards come complete with walling and an outside water closet.

Finished size 200mm x 300mm x 210mm high. RRP £22.50

This is the fourth building in Sally 4th exciting new range of photo-realistic building kits, designed to bring a new level or detail, realism and playability to your miniatures gaming.
The kit consists of a simple but robust shell with walls constructed from 3mm Medite and floors and roof from 2mm MDF. This is very quick and easy to assemble and features a removable roof. We have come to recognise that different gamers have different needs as far as model buildings and terrain go. Some want a very basic, cheap and cheerful building with minimum effort while some want a completely accurate and detailed model similar to those seen on the best model railways. We have tried to accommodate this by developing a customisable kit. You can use the building as built, add your own cardboard stone and plaster texture or just paint the building and use it straight away.

Or, you can download one of the photo-realistic cover layers we have designed for this building, for free, print out on your home printer, glue to the shell with PVA glue, apply a quick coat of varnish and you have a very detailed and realistic looking building to grace your table in far less time than it would take to paint a building to the same level of detail.
Stone photo-realistic covers are available for the model

These are available free for you to print and use. If you do not want to print these yourselves, these are available pre-printed on to heavyweight paper.