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PreOrder Open for AEG’s Cutthroat Kingdoms


October 12, 2017

THE THRONE TO THE KINGDOM OF AURUM LIES UNCLAIMED. Cutthroat Kingdoms is now available for Preorder from AEG.

As memory of the slain king Ratimir Dravanof passes, the six great houses vie for control of the land in a neverending dispute of title, territory and birthright.

Now, embroiled in conflict, the lords and ladies lock eyes on the crown, as they fight to contend with the remnants of the Dravanof legacy: the great plague that has now turned upon the people, to ravage the countryside, exacting its cruel revenge.

This is the innovative new social game of contract, duplicity, arranged marriages and tainted food. Every group will create their own rules for how to play and every game will be different. Will yours be high on subterfuge, backstabbing and betrayal, or conducted on a higher plane of rock-solid agreements and unbreakable oaths?

Mana Storm Expansion for Mystic Vale Available to Preorder from AEG


Oct 11, 2017

Preorder the new Mystic Vale Expansion, Mana Storm coming from AEG this month!

The campaign to restore Gaia’s realm rages on and other druidic clans combating the curse have joined the ranks. And it’s not just druids who have heeded the call; other creatures have joined the fight, eager for a day when all are free from the accursed blight

AEG Announces the Release of Lovecraft Letter


June 8th, 2017

AEG has announced the release of Lovecraft Letter, a game that will take you into a mind-shattering journey into the world of HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos warped into the shape of a Love Letter experience.

You’re not trying to gain affection from the Princess. You are trying to eliminate your rivals for power as you seek to understand the cosmic horror that lurks just beyond what we foolishly call “reality”.

In each round only one player will prevail. Use deduction and luck to eliminate other players or watch as their own madness consumes them.

Will you accept madness as the price that must be paid for Knowledge Man Was Not Meant to Know? Or will you attempt to hold the shreds of your sanity together in the face of eldritch nightmares attempting to enter and destroy our world?

Lovecraft Letter is a game of risk, deduction and luck. Featuring the squamous cosmic horrors of the Lovecraft Mythos, and an expanded card set (25 tarot-sized cards & sleeves), poker chip-style tokens and a premium storage box plus multiple ways to win! Can be played by 2 to 6 players of varying sanity.

On Sale July 19th
MSRP $29.99
Ages 14+

Light & Dark releases this month


January 14th, 2017

Light & Dark, a new 2 player disc game is releasing this month from Alderac Entertainment Group with a suggested retail of $14.99 and only taking 10 minutes to play.

In Light & Dark, two players compete to see if they can turn druids to the side of the light or the dark. Flick druid disks across the table in an attempt to convert your opponent’s druids, or light and extinguish torches to win the game. Fast and fun, Light & Dark will have you flicking excited. It’s the best flicking time you’ll ever flicking have!

Smash Up: Cease and Desist available now


September 3rd, 2016

AEG has released the newest Smash Up set, Cease and Desist!

The four new groups in this set are the Astroknights, the Star Roamers, Changerbots, and Ignobles.

Each group gives you new Minions and Actions with which you can take over bases;

Astroknights Use the power of the Fours to defeat your enemies. Beware traps. Shoot first.

Star Roamers move about space, teleporting your minions from one quadrant to another.  They are on a multi-year mission to seek out new fun, explore strange new combos and put ridiculous numbers of redshirts in mortal danger.

Changerbots are able to trans-morph from one object to another, gaining different bonuses in each form. They’re in disguise. And they’re robots. And possibly small electrical appliances. But whatever – they’re IN DISGUISE!

Meanwhile, The Ignobles fight over the king’s seat, but don’t trust any of them! They pay their debts, and wait for winter (seriously, we hope winter hurries up already). And when you least expect it – RANDOM DRAGONS! Because everything is better with dragons.

You can pick up your copy now from AEG!

New Guildhall announced by AEG


May 24th, 2016

Guildhall returns this Summer with Guildhall: Fantasy. The original Guildhall, released in 2013, was met with critical acclaim, winning Boardgames Australia Awards Best International Game and the Fairplay À la carte award as well as being nominated for the Golden Geek Best Card Game and being Kennerspiel des Jahres Recommended in 2014.

Guildhall, which was actually titled: Guildhall: Old World Economy, earned a sequel game: Guildhall: Job Faire, which played very much the same, was compatible and offered new card effects which could be played on their own or combined with the previous set to offer new play experiences. 

AEG felt that the original theme of Guildhall limited its audience. The art was of medieval peasants and merchant class people and while very well rendered, was not very evocative. AEG felt a game like Guildhall deserved better.

So when it came time to redo Guildhall, we went with some fantastic Fantasy themed art based on our favorite fantasy role playing games. So the professions are now themed around 18 character classes. In the coming weeks we will be looking at those.

We also mixed up the original sets, and added six cards to the card pool, allowing us to create three all new play experiences. Players that collect all three sets can recreate Job Faire and the award winning Old World Economy. Each release has two professions from Old World Economy, two professions from Job Faire and two all new professions. The first set Fellowship has the Victory Point deck from Old World Economy and Job Faire where the following sets have three new victory point cards to change up the experience a little bit.

In Guildhall: Fantasy, 2-4 players compete to create the perfect party by recruiting adventurers into their guildhall chapters. Collect sets of cards with unique abilities to control the table, and  complete a full chapter to claim victory cards.  Will you go for points quickly, or build up your  special powers? Which will lead to ultimate  victory? Only you know!

The three releases in the Guildhall Fantasy line (Fellowship, Alliance and Coalition) are all stand-alone games that can be played individually. You can also combine the cards from any of the Guildhall Fantasy releases and play them together. The three releases are not expansions, they’re combinable.

Mystic Vale to arrive in August from AEG


May 22nd, 2016

AEG has announced that their new Mystic Vale card game will be available in stores in August, 2016.

In Mystic Vale, 2 to 4 players take on the role of druidic clans trying to cleanse the curse upon the land. Each turn, you play cards into your field to gain powerful advancements and useful vale cards. Use your power wisely, or decay will end your turn prematurely. Score the most victory points to win the game!

  • Innovative Card Crafting System creates a game experience like you’ve never played before!
  • Beautiful artwork and graphics that bring the game to life.
  • Concise rules offer a deep gaming experience with meaningful decisions.
  • Tremendous replay value that will increase with future expansions.

AEG announces Greedy Greedy Goblins


March 30th, 2016

Alderac Entertainment Group has announced Greedy Greedy Goblins, “the frantic game of riches and dynamite”.

In Greedy Greedy Goblins, you and the other players take the roles of goblin clans mining out a mountain laden with riches. Fabulous gems and glittering gold can be found, but you must be careful that your goblins don’t blow themselves up in their eagerness to collect the loot!

All players start each round at the same time and play simultaneously – there are no turns! Players draw mining tiles from the pool and place them into caves face down. The round ends when all goblins pawns have been placed or all of the mining tiles have been drawn. Play then proceeds with scoring the locations. The player with the most coins at the end of the game wins!