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Earth’s Scion Available Now for Android: Netrunner


June 2nd, 2017

The sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty unique cards) in Earth’s Scion explore the complicated relationship between Earth and Mars in Android: Netrunner. But no matter what the lawyers and philosophers say about the legacy of Mars’s exploration, one thing remains certain—the conflict between Runners and Corps will never end.

A philosophical question lurks beneath the myriad conflicts on Mars: What does Mars owe the Earth? For some, this question has an easy answer: Mars was settled by colonists from the Earth. It imports most of its technology and resources from the Earth. Even the names of its largest cities, nodes, and starports are indebted to the authors and scientists on Earth who dared to imagine life on the Red Planet.

But, the Martian Clans argue that their ancestors took the real risks involved in settling on a cold, lifeless world. They built the first domes, found the first ice fields below ground, and planted the first real crops on Mars. They suffered and died so that their decedents could live free—not so they could live in fear of Warroids run amuck across an unregulated R&D lab the size of a planet.

And yet it seems like the corporations that funded Earth’s war against Martian independence successfully purchased the rights to pursue their agendas with impunity all across the planet’s surface. So, while Haas-Bioroid develops new Bioroids capable of taking human life without human oversight and Jinteki maintains its stranglehold over Martian agriculture, NBN is reforming education to promote greater compliance while the Weyland Consortium is laying the groundwork for a new Martian Beanstalk.


FFG Announce Crimson Dust, the Final Data Pack for Red Sand Cycle in Android: Netrunner


May 17th, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Crimson Dust, the final data pack in the Red Sand cycle for Android: Netrunner!

Corporations and Runners. Colonists and Clans. The Martian Colonial Authority and The Free Mars Movement—there are a lot of intersecting interests on Mars, and even more that conflict with each other.

And then there’s the Crimson Dust. The Crimson Dust teaches that human life originated on Mars before colonizing Earth. Its members believe that their leader, Vasanti Smith, is the reincarnation of one of the first settlers on Mars. They believe in Martian independence, and they believe in augmenting human bodies with g-mods and cybernetics that allow them to endure the Red Planet’s atmosphere. They also believe that would-be martyrs armed with Taejo monofilament wire bombs can sneak past the security in most nodes and inflict tremendous amounts of damage on their protective domes.

Unfortunately, they’re right about that last one.

The first five data packs in the Red Sand cycle explored the forces that are vying for control of Mars, what they hope to gain from the Red Planet, and how far they’ll go to get it. The sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) in Crimson Dust look at the consequences of this enduring conflict, which has taken lives, destroyed homes, and left an entire world vulnerable to extremists.

Android: Netrunner, Station One Available Now


March 30th, 2017

Things happen fast on the Net. Inconceivably fast. Runners have been known to encode duplicate minds or offload life-saving processes to secondary subroutines just to keep up with the constant barrage of data they encounter whenever they jack in.

But outside of the Net, speed can still be measured. The mag-lev delivering vital supplies from Bradbury’s Station One terminal to AgInfusion’s newest arcology still travels at a rate measured in kilometers per hour. It may be a couple hundred kilometers per hour, but its measurable nonetheless.

And in the time it takes to move people and goods outside of the Net, everything is vulnerable. In the space between the MCA’s forces barracked in Bradbury and the PriSec guarding Jinteki’s arcologies, a mag-lev carrying priceless components is vulnerable to Clan agitators, entrepreneurial Criminals, or even rival corporate interests. And as it waits for Earth-manufactured tech to fortify its defenses, an arcology is just as vulnerable to Crimson Dust attacks against its envirodome as it is to runner incursions into its servers.

Now, the sixty new cards (three copies apiece of twenty unique cards) in the newest Data Pack for Android: NetrunnerStation One—on sale today—have arrived to give Runners and Corps alike new ways to exploit these vulnerabilities!

Fear the Masses in Android: Netrunner


June 21st, 2016

Election day is here in Fear the Masses, the sixth and final Data Pack in the Mumbad Cycle for Android: Netrunner, now available from Fantasy Flight Games

Over the course of the Mumbad Cycle, we’ve caught glimpses of an Indian Union sharply divided by the issue of clone rights. We’ve seen Jinteki pushed to the edge and desperately fighting to shape the debates. We’ve seen Haas-Bioroid maneuvering to take advantage of Jinteki’s troubles. And we’ve seen the other corps prosper from the alliances they’ve made during this time of uncertainty.

Simultaneously, the election season has bought with it a wealth of opportunities for daring runners. So the Mumbad Cycle has introduced us to a pair of runners who have aimed to interfere with the elections in entirely different ways. There’s the Criminal Nero Severn (Democracy and Dogma, 40) who collects information to use it for leverage. Then there’s the Shaper Jesminder Sareen (Kala Ghoda, 6) whose interest is primarily in protecting her sister’s privacy and well-being, as well as protecting her campaign from the attacks made by other runners.

Now, as the cycle arrives at its conclusion, the Indian Union’s national election comes to a close, and we are witness to the results…

Liberated Mind data pack available for Android: Netrunner


May 31st, 2016

Let the mind games begin: The Liberated Mind Data Pack is now available for Android: Netrunner from Fantasy Flight Games!

With its sixty new cards (including a complete playset of nineteen different cards), The Liberated Mind explores the unique confluence of traditional Indian cultures and virtual reality taking place within the streets, temples, and corporate divisions of Mumbad. Will you expand your consciousness under the advisement of Guru Davinder (The Liberated Mind, 84) and the Temple of the Liberated Mind? Will you delve further into the secrets of telepathy and the unique defenses they allow Jinteki to develop?

The Liberated Mind brings all the Network’s most transcendent qualities to the fore. Life, death, and rebirth—you can find them all among the dizzying array of virtual realities made available on the Network.


Android: Netrunner playmat


May 29th, 2016

Step into a new world and explore the Network with the System Breach Two-Player Playmat for Android: Netrunner, now available from Fantasy Flight Games

You jack into the Net, and the data comes rushing at you. There’s a moment where everything swims dizzyingly. Your whole world is red and orange. No matter your training, no matter how many times you’ve done this, it still takes you a moment to adjust. Then your mind starts to reorder the information into familiar tropes… You’re in a hallway. There are doors leading off in all directions. Each is a portal to a different server. All you have to do is step through one of them

Salsette Island available now for Android: Netrunner


May 3rd, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games has released the newest addition for Android: Netrunner, Salsette Island.

When was the last time you brought Mumbad’s ultra-ultra-rich back down to earth? When was the last time anyone tried?

Mumbad is one of the few cities that can rival New Angeles in sheer size, and its risties are among the world’s richest and most extravagant. From the top of Mumbad to the bottom is a journey of more than hundreds of feet; it is a journey between worlds. What will happen when these worlds collide?

Find out for yourself with Salsette Island, now available for Android: Netrunner!


The Underway available now for Android: Netrunner


July 13th, 2015

Fantasy Flight Games announce that The Underway is available for Android: Netrunner.

The Underway is the real estate that appeared when the Big One opened up the San Andreas fault. Since then, it has become a motley assembly of many different architectural styles, ethnicities, and cultural influences. It’s a hotbed of holographic artists, indie studios, and the birthplace of Jank-Juke-Jazz. It’s also a space that has become synonymous with gang activity, particularly that of Los Muertos, a street gang whose members are identified by their bioluminescent tattoos and that deals in illegal tech as much as it deals in flesh and drugs.

To the outsider, Los Muertos appears to be a troublesome street gang with an unknown membership count, riotous bioluminescent gang colors, and no known leadership. But residents of the Underway have a better understanding of Los Muertos; Los Muertos is the Underway. It’s the organization that’s pushing the goods and setting the price. The gang has invested in every aspect of the city’s eclectic behaviors, running everything from flesh and drugs to technology. In fact, it’s the gang’s traffic in illicit technology that has truly effected its meteoric rise, and the Runner cards in The Underway offer a sample of this tech, even as they trace the gang’s influence through all aspects of Underway life.