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28mm German Mountain Troops (Gebirgsjager) From Askari Miniatures

Nov 1, 2017

Askari Miniatures are pleased to announce the release of German mountain troops, the Gebirgsjäger.

Gebirgsjäger were basically light infantry trained for mountain warfare. They fought principally in infantry assault formations, and it was in this role they excelled.

Gebirgsjäger fought in most major campaigns including Yugoslavia, Greece, Crete, Tunisia and Italy from 1941 to 1945.

Our jaegers are dressed in light kit for combat for summer operations, as the 5th Mountain Division fought in the invasion of Crete in 1941. These figures can also be painted in khaki desert uniforms which they wore in Tunisia and Italy.

The initial release consists of a Rifle Team, MG-34 team, Officers, a full Rifle Squad and the Mountain Guide.

Askari Miniatures releases more for their German Schutztruppe

October 19th, 2013

Askari Miniatures added a command group and Heroes on foot to their German Schutztruppe range.  All figures come without bases, unpainted.

The German Schutztruppe Command set consists of four figures as shown: NCO waving, Officer with sword, Bugler running, and Scout pointing. These make the command figures for the dismounted Schutztruppe GE-1.

Below are the Hereros on foot, the opponents of the German Schutztruppe in the Herero War in German Southwest Africa. They are in a variety of styles of dress and carry captured German rifles and bandoliers.


German Schutztruppe Artillery Crews released by Askari Miniatures

May 20th, 2013

Askari Miniatures has their new German Schutztruppe Artillery Crews available now.

Germany’s Southwest Africa colony (Deutsche Sud-West Afrika, DSWA) was defended by a security force made up completely of German troops. These troops were known as Schutztruppe and were all mounted infantry supported by artillery crews.

This artillery crew is designed to man the Krupp 75mm mountain gun. Crew consists of one gunner holding a shell, one watching the effect of fire, and two working the gun. In addition to the Mountain Artillery crew, here is also a Field Artillery crew.

This artillery crew is designed to man the Krupp 77mm field gun. The limber shown below is the German Limber A-6.

Crew consists of one gunner holding a shell, one with a bar, and two pushing the wheels. The 77mm guns were not recoilless, so the guns would be manhandled into position and re-positioned after each firing.

New German Artillery Crews from Askari Miniatures

May 6th, 2013

Askari Miniatrues published previews of German artillery crews, building up their German Colonial line for their Krupp field and mountain guns.