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New Specialization Decks Available for No Disintigrations


March 1st, 2017

Manage your wealth of talent choices more easily with new Specialization Decks available for the new Bounty Hunter trees found in No Disintegrations, the new sourcebook for Star Wars™: Edge of the Empire™. Displaying iconic full-color art and rules text on every card, players and gamemasters alike can keep all the information they need at their fingertips for easy reference. Included in each pack are reference cards to show you how to use the talent cards that cover each talent in every tree, including talents with multiple ranks so that you can always accurately determine your abilities and bonuses.

Gamemasters can also make fantastic use of the cards in these decks to build new memorable NPCs from scratch or to efficiently make adjustments to existing ones, supplementing their abilities on the fly with one or two new talents to customize and enhance the cinematic excitement the Star Wars Roleplaying Game is known for!

No Disintigrations – A sourcebook for Star Wars Edge of Empire


November 26th, 2016

From the sprawling Coruscant streets to the dangerous frontier of the Outer Rim, bounty hunters ply their valuable—and violent—trade. Mob bosses and corrupt politicians, criminal masterminds and debt-dodging deadbeats; scum of all stripes must remain wary of a possible (or probable) contract bearing their name. Whether the request is legal or less-than, a reliable bounty hunter as good as guarantees a successful transaction… as long as the credits are equally reliable.

Packed full of species, specializations, and gear, the No Disintegrations sourcebook for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire offers a wealth of exciting new options for neophyte trackers and veteran hunters alike. In today’s preview, we’ll look at the three new species on offer in No Disintegrations. Each provides a useful mechanical foundation for pursuing ne’er-do-wells across the stars as well as unique story hooks to provide you with inspiration to create a living citizen of the galaxy

Fly Casual? Star Wars RPG Smuggler Sourcebook from FFG available now


March 1st, 2015

Fantasy Flight Games has released Fly Casual, a sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying game.

As a Smuggler, you thrive on risk and adventure. You’re happy never knowing what your next job might be or where it might take you. You might transport spice for a Hutt kajidic on one trip and ferry stolen medical supplies to a Rebel cell on the next. You don’t mind taking on illegal jobs from nefarious crime lords, as long as the pay is good. You just want to avoid Imperial attention, remain independent, and stay alive.

For players who want to experience the thrills, dangers, and freedom of a Smuggler’s life, Fly Casual introduces new specializations, species, and signature abilities, along with new vehicles, and gear. For Game Masters, it provides copious information about smuggling in the Star Wars galaxy, from ideas for smuggling jobs to guidelines for quick-draw showdowns.

Edge of Empire : Star Wars RPG expansion “Enter the Unknown” announced


July 13th, 2013

Already, you have experienced the grim realities of life at the Edge of the Empire™. Now, it’s time to go even further into the most dangerous reaches of the galaxy. It’s time to Enter the Unknown.

This first rules supplement for Edge of the Empire expands the Explorer career with specializations, new talents, and more. All players will find new character, vehicle, and equipment options, which will aid in their experiences at the Edge of the Empire. GMs will gain new tools to use in crafting exciting and memorable adventures.

The galaxy is rife with opportunity for those who are willing to seek it out. From the hostile wilderness of uninhabited worlds to the dangerous shadows of unexplored hyperspace lanes, chances for adventure and profit can be found everywhere.

Enter the Unknown is the first rules supplement for Edge of the Empire, featuring new content for the Explorer career, as well as hosts of new options for any player or game master. It provides tools for making stronger, deeper, and more diversified characters. New gear, droids, and vehicle options will enhance play for any group. Meanwhile, GMs can find advice on incorporating the themes of exploration, trade, and hunting into their campaigns.

Enter the Unknown covers the Explorer career, and gives it some exciting new options. Because of Edge of the Empire’s flexible character advancement system, these options are useful for nearly any character. First and foremost, the career gains three new specializations: the Archeologist, Big Game Hunter, and Driver. Each of these specializations gives new or existing Explorer characters additional choices including several brand-new talents. On top of that, this book adds new options for backgrounds, Obligations, and Motivations, all based on the themes of exploration, hunting, and trade.

Additionally, Enter the Unknown introduces new, powerful advancement opportunities for characters in the form of signature abilities. Signature abilities are career-specific, elite talents only available to experienced characters. They permit tremendous feats that are only made possible with the skill and ability gained over a long and successful career. Signature abilities add new talents to the bottom of one of the character’s existing talent trees, granting further advancement deeper into that character’s area of expertise.

In addition to these character options, this book contains new equipment and vehicles necessary for any character braving the wilder parts of the galaxy. Vehicles such as the the KV swoop help characters journey into the unexplored, while weapons such as the E-11s sniper rifle and the huntsman vibrospear help them survive it. Along with this, a whole suite of gear for any situation makes Enter the Unknown an extremely useful part of any adventurer’s collection.

You’ll soon be able to follow new routes that lead far from the established hyperlanes!

Enter the Unknown is scheduled to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2013, but make sure to check back for updates and further announcements.