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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Dawn of the Rebellion Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG’s


Jan 10, 2018

Dawn of Rebellion, the first ever sourcebook of its kind, brings you to the era of the Galactic Civil War before the events of Rogue One™ and A New Hope, focusing on the tension, strife, and fear encouraged by the Galactic Empire at the height of its power. This is an era where despair is prevalent and the future dark, except for a few unique individuals who carry hope like a torch against the darkness, a torch that would become the spark that ultimately lights the flames of rebellion, war, and freedom.

This book provides players with a wealth of new equipment, specializations, and races to paint this vibrant and dangerous galaxy in stark and stunning detail. But where Dawn of Rebellion truly shines as an era sourcebook is in its service of setting the stage for encounters, sessions, and entire campaigns in a time when the Empire is at its strongest. That is not to mean every campaign that makes use of this book will have the fall of the Emperor as its goal; instead, we can see how Star Wars™: Edge of the EmpireStar Wars™: Age of Rebellion, and Star Wars™: Force and Destiny might approach the same story element from unique angles, and how Game Masters can present these angles to their players.

FFG Announces Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG


July 19, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Dawn of Rebellion, a new sourcebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game line.

Dawn of Rebellion is the first sourcebook of its kind, designed to be used alongside any of the three core roleplaying lines. Campaigns using Edge of the EmpireAge of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny—or any combination of the same—will find a wealth of valuable information within its 144 pages. Primarily focusing on the years preceding the Battle of Yavin, Dawn of Rebellion features descriptions, context, and statistics for many of the iconic characters and vehicles appearing in the Star Wars: Rebels television show and in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The might of the Empire is at an unprecedented peak and a successful rebellion seems like a fever dream to all but the most optimistic. Even those who have no personal stake in the Galactic Civil War feel the tremendous impact of this new order.

Fantasy Flight Games Previews Disciples of Harmony for Star Wars Force and Destiny


April 21st, 2017

There is no single path to peace, but the Galactic Empire has ensured that all such routes are fraught with danger. The Consular works with the Force to bring peace wherever they go, and the all-new Disciples of Harmony sourcebook expands players’ options in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny role playing game, including three new specializations and adding on three new species.

Although all it takes to be a successful Consular is a desire to see justice done, some species are more inclined to seek balance and peace in a way that lines up with the ways of the Consular. The Arkanian, Cosian, and Pau’an species are presented in Disciples of Harmony, opening your campaign to cultures focused on Jedi lore, negotiating, and medicine, each having a unique view of the Force.

This preview provides a look at each of these three species and how they play into the role of the Consular.

Disciples of Harmony sourcebook for Star Wars Force and Destiny released


January 17th, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Disciples of Harmony, an all-new sourcebook for Consular characters in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game!

The rise of the Empire and the absence of the Jedi Order may have caused the Jedi Knights to fade into the ashes of history, but there are still those who know the truth, who refuse to allow the Jedi to become the stuff of legend and myth. Disciples of Harmony is a sourcebook for Consular characters in Star Wars: Force and Destiny, offering players new insights into the path of the Consular, introducing three new specializations, and making available new equipment and Force powers.

The path of the Consular is one of balance, which can lead to difficult choices in more traditional, combat-oriented campaigns. Disciples of Harmony offers Game Masters multiple avenues to incorporate their Consular characters into the adventure without disrupting their dedication to balance and the preservation of life. This supplemental sourcebook includes instructions for establishing mentors and practitioners of alternative Force traditions as well as diplomatic scenarios and adventure hooks that can flesh out a campaign setting and expand it into the wider Star Wars galaxy.

Ghosts of Dathomir available for Star Wars: Force and Destiny


December 30th, 2016

Track a legendary artifact, avoid Imperial entanglements and Hutt involvement, and pursue a powerful Force-wielding mercenary with a personal stake in the artifact in Ghosts of Dathomir, an upcoming adventure module for Star Wars™: Force and Destiny.

A mysterious statue called Tragic Hope has arrived in the hands of a Toydarian exotic item dealer, leaving bodies in its wake. The statue and its dealer, Walisi, have gone missing, and you and your party won’t be alone in tracking him down…

Walisi has ties to the Gorensia Hutt kajidic, who want him back, and your search for the statue will likely draw the attention of the Hutts. Jerserra, a ruthless and powerful criminal leader, is also seeking Tragic Hope and the shard it holds aloft—could she be responsible for the trail of corpses it leaves behind? Were that not enough, the Empire has dispatched the ISB in pursuit of Jerserra despite knowing little about the lightsaber-wielding mercenary. It’s a triple threat that will take you from the relative security of the Hutt-controlled Toydaria to one of the most deadly and mysterious planets in the Outer Rim: Dathomir. The rewards, however, could be well more than you can imagine: control of an artifact with ties to the Force. With rumors linking it to powerful Force users in the Clone Wars, the statue has drawn the attention of the power hungry and those who wish to stop them. Which are you?

Ghosts of Dathomir brings the dread world of Dathomir and its legacy of unconventional Force users into your campaign. Today’s preview offers a glimpse of the darkness that awaits you as you chase Tragic Hope to the haunted lands of Dathomir, where fear may very well devour you alive.

Ghosts of Dathomir coming for Star Wars: Force and Destiny


October 21st, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Ghosts of Dathomir, an all-new adventure supplement for the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny role playing game.

The absence of the Jedi Order has cast a veil of darkness over the galaxy, leaving those sensitive to the Force wandering without guidance. It is a dangerous time to be learning the ways of the Force, seeking the scraps of Jedi teachings while avoiding persecution at the hands of the Empire and temptation of the dark side. In Ghosts of Dathomir, unraveling the history of a statue with ties to the Force could lead you to either great power or your own destruction. Which is your destiny?

Fittingly called Tragic Hope, a mysterious statue has appeared up for auction on Toydaria, and you and your party aren’t the only ones with an interest in its future. Can you trace its cryptic path while avoiding entangling yourself in Hutt politics or Imperial affairs? And what of Jerserra, the vicious mercenary who wields the Force in terrifying new ways? She seeks Tragic Hope with a passion that suggests a personal stake in the statue and seems to know more about its whispered ties to the dread world of Dathomir.

Endless Vigil sourcebook for Star Wars: Force and Destiny


July 9th, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Endless Vigil, a Sentinel sourcebook for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game!

Under the tyrannical rule of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy has become a place of darkness and oppression. In no place is this felt more keenly than in the large, crowded cities where Imperial troops and agents frequently boast a major presence. There, corruption runs rampant and crimes often go unpunished.

Still, even in these oppressive, urban environments, there are some who dedicate themselves to fighting back from the shadows. These Sentinels are the last bastions of hope in these desperate cities, and theirs is often a thankless vigil. Even as they try to redress unsolved crimes and loosen the Empire’s stranglehold upon their worlds, they risk being reported by ordinary citizens who think they’re doing the right thing.

Endless Vigil empowers these Sentinels and their labors with 96 full-color pages of new specializations, species, signature abilities, and gear. Additionally, Game Masters will find a wealth of material designed to enrich their urban encounters; new droid adversaries and information on podracing run alongside tips and charts to help you get the most of your urban encounters and investigative adventures.

New Allies and Adversaries packs for Star Wars RPG


June 26th, 2016

The galaxy is full of different individuals, each of whom has his or her own story to tell. And each represents a different possible direction for your future…

Expand your galaxy. Explore the many possibilities your future may hold. Three new Adversary Decks are now available for your Star Wars role playing campaign!

Encounter Rancors, Dark Troopers, Viper Probe Droids, and Gand Findsmen. Each of these Adversary Decks offers quick access to the stats and descriptions of twenty different NPCs that you can write into the core of your campaign or introduce at a moment’s notice as you react to your players’ decisions. And each is fully compatible with all three Star Wars role playing systems: Age of Rebellion™, Edge of the Empire™, and Force and Destiny™.