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Mind Your Numbers Seeking Funding on IndieGoGo

Oct 30, 2017

9 Numbers. 12 Symbols. 9 Rounds.

Mind Your Numbers, currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo, is a simple, short board game that anyone who knows how to add, subtract, multiply & divide single digit numbers can play. Yet, one needs to plan and strategize well to win this challenging mind game.

While the game is great fun, it also eases math anxiety and develops a curiosity to learn. All brain, little luck mind game for all ages above 8 years. Small, light-weight, easy to carry, play it anywhere – even on a flight!

Play Board Games Immediately With DIZED

July 29, 2017

Dized announces Blood Rage, 7 Wonders, Carcassonne, and Bang! to be first games to get custom Dized tutorials.

The IndieGoGo campaign for the app launches on August 28th.

If you ever just wanted to pick up a brand new board game, sit down and play straight out of the box, soon you will be able to. Dized is an application that puts players in the game from the moment the box is opened with interactive tutorials. These step-by-step guides are like a friend at the table who knows the rules inside out and the best way to teach them. Most importantly, the app allows players to make their own decisions and choices and reacts accordingly.

The company announced today the initial line-up of interactive tutorials slated for the app. The first games to receive the Dized treatment are Blood Rage, 7 Wonders, Carcassonne and Bang! In the works are tutorials and other content related to these games, such as the setup and the rule lookup tools.

“We’re thrilled to be working with such esteemed titles and publishers. The diversity of this library shows that Dized works with a variety of different games, ranging from casual to core. Eventually, we want to bring these tutorials for all games out there, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re crowdfunding Dized through IndieGoGo – to be able to scale up in a way we wouldn’t otherwise be able”, states Dized CEO Jouni Jussila.

Dized has been under development since 2016. After a successful proof of concept released last year, a new version of the app is now ready to show the real potential of Dized.

“We’ve discussed with players from all backgrounds and one thing is clear: there is a need for a better way to learn games. Dized has already been tested with audiences and the feedback has been spectacular, not just among players but with all branches of the industry,” Jussila continues.

Dized’s partners include some of the biggest names in board game industry, such as dV Giochi, Hans Im Glück and acclaimed designer Eric M. Lang.

“If you love playing games and don’t like reading rulebooks, there’s no reason for you not to support Dized right now. Dized is different from a regular “How To Play” video, because videos aren’t context sensitive. With Dized you can experience the game as you are learning it. You can even ask it rule- related questions,” Eric M. Lang explains.

Dized is free to download and available before the campaign starts with demo content. During the campaign, backers will be able to purchase subscriptions that give access to premium features. On top of the interactive tutorials, rule lookup, and setup tools, the team has big plans for Dized. The goal is to create the ultimate companion app, no matter if you’re looking for community features, expo tools or additional digital content.

“Our goal is to create a one-stop-shop for board games. So come August 28th when the IndieGoGo campaign launches, be sure to show up and change the world of board gaming forever. We have tons of awesome perks lined up, and big game announcements to follow”, concludes Jussila.

Kickstart your Week – October 26th

October 26th, 2015

Mythical Panzerfauste, Cold Wars, Virtual Gaming, party games, Japanese mythology, big names and more – all wrapped up in one convenient location. It’s a BIG week! Check it out!

Panzerfäuste is a fun ‘Historo-Fantasy’ miniature wargame setting, in which 28mm scale miniatures are used to depict the everyday struggles of standard ‘Tolkienesque’ fantasy races such as Orcs, Dwarves and Elves fight out battles with 20th century weaponry.


Pulp City; the game of Supreme Blockbuster Action is back with Pulp City: Cold Wars. After the success of their last Kickstarter campaign, they are looking to expand their model range adding two new Factions for fans both old and new. This is a perfect way to start playing Pulp City, each team is a complete gaming experience including cards and Quickstart rules.

pulp city cold war

Skirmish! VT is a next-gen Virtual TableTop which helps to bring your Role-Playing Games to life. Powerful, yet simple to use, it comes with an extensive set of features accompanied by a hi-quality content library. Furthermore Skirmish! can be used both on- and off-line to either support your local game table or connect with players all over the globe.


Super Dungeon Explore is a combat board game inspired by classic hack-and-slash video games. But that is only the beginning. Super Dungeon is also built upon a deep love for classic Japanese roleplaying games (JRPGs), adventure games, and traditional pencil-and-paper tabletop games. Super Dungeon Legends draws its inspiration from these well loved genres to allow players to craft their own stories in the world of Crystalia. Super Dungeon Legends provides all the tools you need to create your own adventures, roleplay, and tell epic stories about your Heroes. The Midnight Tower, Frostbyte Ravagers, and Crown Guard expansions provide you with more Heroes, bosses, monsters, and treasure to expand your playing options and provide new challenges to overcome.


In Alkemia, Players will take the role of one of six Alchemists who have volunteered to revitalize Alkemia by attempting to synthesize alchemy’s ultimate mystery, the Crest of Creation. Legends say that the Crest will only reveal itself to Alchemists wise enough to uncover one of its lost recipes and talented enough to break the seals on objects of myth. Do you have what it takes to be worthy of the Crest of Creation? Be prepared, for Destiny’s recipe calls for you.


Fortunes Wheel is a Tarot based tabletop RPG system. It can be played like a traditional RPG, improvised GM-less or even solo play.

fortunes wheel

In Snaption players compete to create the best caption for a photo by filling in the blank on a caption card with the word or phrase of your choice. You know your friends and family best. So, make your caption as creative, hilarious or dirty as they are… may the best caption win!


Yokai Battle is a tactical cards game for 2 – 4 players aged 14 years old and over. The average playing time is between 20 to 30 minutes. Yokai Battle originates from the Japanese occult monsters realm. A yokai is a creature that has been made real by one of our fears or beliefs. In ancient times, while the yokai were conquering the world, a few selected men decided to resist to them and trained themselves to be shamans. In Yokai Battle, you will be one of these shamans, battling in today’s world.


Kickstart your Week – September 21st

September 21st, 2015

Another week another batch of crowdfunding projects just begging to be funded! Checking my bank account shows me I just can’t keep up! #tabletopproblems

The Babes are Back with Bombshell Babes II, a whole new set of fantastic female character models suitable for use with all manner of tabletop Wargames and RPGs!

bombshell babes 2

Cabals: The Board Game unites two genres, combining the best elements of card and board games. The digital version of Cabals was created by Mika Rosendahl, a Finnish Magic the Gathering champion. The game has been online for years and it is loved by its player community and reviewers. The board game can be played with two to four players. The starter box and its future expansions come with fixed card sets.


In Golden Egg Games’ Rome: Rise to Power, roll your dice, conquer Provinces, manipulate the Senate and amaze the crowds with your Gladiators to win over the Roman Empire

rome rise to power

Masamune is a game for two to four players, and takes place over the course of an academic year at Masamune Shining Forge Academy. As a pupil at Masamune Shining Forge Academy, you and your opponents will start the game with identical 12-card decks. Over the course of the game, you will forge sentient weapons called Chibis and teach them powerful special techniques to defend the Academy from attacking monsters. Alternatively, you can use Chibis to gain more powerful cards and bolster your deck.


Decadolo is a board game involving 50 cards and 100 tokens made of moulded wood material. Suitable for ages 6-80. Flip the card and flip the tokens. Each card has a different arrangement of tokens to flip. With a carefully balanced selection of cards, it’s possible to turn the tables right until the end.


In Saga of the Northmen, you control a clan of mighty Northmen. Each round, you will use your influence cards to place Influence cubes on the board in an attempt to gain control of the seven major kingdoms of Europe. Influence cards are not only used to gain control of kingdoms, but also populate Europe’s neutral regions with Plunder (VPs). When the board has been filled with 15 plunder, kingdom control for the round is determined. The player with the most influence cubes in a kingdom gains control of that kingdom.

saga of the northmen

WHO’S BOSS.ANIMAL RIOTS is a animal battling game for wannabe bosses, Rioters and control freaks who love to beat the socks off..midnight roaming shombies, terrifying sheeponators, intimidating bully-builders, ants with nanchaku skills gone nuts and many more nutters ready to defend their territory no matter what!!

whos boss

Return to Castle Dicenstein is a great new dice game in which you are a mad doctor, collecting and stitching together body parts to build monsters. But the body parts aren’t just condemned criminals or disease victims – you are after the best! You are digging up the world’s most infamous monsters, and piecing them together for your Ultimate Creation!!


Brick Work from CMX Games is the quick brick building, dice rolling, worker placement board game for 2 players ages 9+ that takes between 15 and 30 minutes to play.

brick work

OxDol looking to recreate and publish 4 previously “lost” games

September 9th, 2015

In 1899 there was a devastating war and an entire culture and people were changed forever and absorbed by and into other cultures. During and after this war all the inventive, imaginative and super cool games played by these children, young adults and families were mostly lost and forgotten. Until now…

OxDol BoardGames are re-creating, re-inventing and re-producing some of these extremely popular and inventive games so that the world can enjoy them (and that they are not lost for all time).

OxDol : The Game of Bones, is the first of 4 projects. The Game of Bones is a board game that can be played by any number of players and is loosely based on the very old ZAR Boer children’s game called: “Dolos”  (Os Bot)

There are four different OxDol games. The Game of Bones and The War of the Dollz (2 of 4) are already fully developed and many of The Game of Bones have already been produced. Funds from the IndieGoGo Campaign will go towards producing The War of Dollz and the development of the remaining two games.

  • The games are based on very old games, that were almost lost for all time…
  • The Game of Bones (The first board game) is family friendly, suitable for all ages, can be played by 2,3,4,5,6,7 or even 50 people at the same time.
  • OxDol – The Game of Bones, is a social game that allows you to get to know other people, it should not and does not deserve to be forgotten for all time.
  • You get to throw bones! – nuff said 🙂

Kickstart your Week! – The week in Kickstarter goodies

June 15th, 2015

It’s been yet another busy week in the tabletop games world on crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.   Here are some highlights for you to drool over!

Sheep Happens by Deus Games is a card game about the endless war between Sheep and Goats. The game is quite simple, but despite the simplicity of the game rules, the strategies that can be used to beat your enemy are really varied.


Commissioned by Patrick Lysaght takes a historical perspective on the theme allowing players to determine their level of engagement with the details of the first 150 years of church history. Step into shoes of the earliest Apostles, and experience the fear, faith, and awe of the first century Christian Church. Using your unique faith decks, each player contributes a skill the church needs to succeed. Work together to strengthen your faith decks, grow the church, and collect the New Testament, but be warned! Gladiators, lions, Roman governors, spiritual attacks, and natural disasters stand in your way. Find a way to achieve the scenario victory conditions before either the trial deck runs out or you extinguish (lose) 5 churches.


Demigods Evolution strategy miniatures game by Demigods Rising is a line of high quality 35 mm resin miniatures in a tactical board game for 2 or more players. In a fantasy word of Argalla you become a Demigod, gather your heroes and fight to prove your supremacy so you can ascend as the new God of War.

demigods evolution

Cosmic Kaboom by Minion Games is a dexterity flicking game where players fly around space collecting energy to power up space bombs which are used to eradicate the planets of their enemies. The dynamic play area allows you to play on any size surface.

cosmic kaboom

Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers and Exotica are a Standalone game set in the Eminent Domain universe and an Expansion that requires the base game to play.

In Battlecruisers you are all commanders in a deadly contest over a crucial objective.  Each commander is in control of their own deep space Battlecruiser seeking to either gain advantage over or eliminate the opposition.  Included in the Exotica expansion are some elements that were introduced in the Escalation expansion, though the Escalation expansion is not a must to add Exotica to your game play.


NOrmageddon by District Games is a quick and smart casual card game in which each player can change the course of the game simply shouting “NO!”.


Boot Loot, a Pirates Dice Game is a strategic dice game in the world of Pirates! You will need 2 or more pirates to start your treachery. Thieve, plunder, and deceive your way into gaining your 12 gold coins!


Maze Ship Battles by Dark Shadow Design is a multiplayer strategy game set in war torn 12 galaxies under attack from the Isrun’s. This game is 2 to 4 players, ages 13 and up. Player’s control 1 of 4 Heroes who have been captured by the Isrun’s and await execution on the Isrun’s mother ship. Heroes must escape and strategize to reach the bridge of the ship where they can escape and go to the aid of each of their galaxies under attack by the Isrun’s.


Rally Round the Flag, an American Civil War Board game allows Gettysburg to be played with the ability to zoom into the battles as they are fought. As a player you can play with divisions, brigades or even regiments and move between the different points of view on the battlefield.

rally round the flag

Reign, a Strategic Card Game is a game of diplomacy, deceit and domination for 3-7 players aged 12+. Players are thrust into the role of a Lord or Lady vying for rulership in the fantasy realm of Kazath. They must gain the support of a house, secretly bidding for influence over them. Then, using their cunning and guile, they must work to forge alliances and undermine their opposition. Once the battle lines are drawn, their armies clash in an epic battle for the Onyx Crown. Finally, the new Regent rewards those loyal to their rule, handing out spoils and gaining legitimacy. Gain 9 legitimacy points and hold the Onyx Crown to be named the true ruler of Kazath.



Kickstart your Weekend

June 5th, 2015

Time to get your weekend off to a roaring start with these hot Kickstarter projects launched in the past week;

RNEstudio has taken once again to IndieGogo for FOUR new Fantasy Football miniatures teams. The four teams are the Hightouch, which are sort of a High Elves themed team. Then there’s the Stampede, which is akin to goblins, but with rather large women as the “trolls” from the original list. Next are the Newzons, which is an Amazon team. Finally, there’s the Eternals, which are vampires and werewolves.

rnestudio eternals stampede

River Horse Running has launched Waterloo – Quelle Affaire!, designed by Alessio Cavatore and illustrated by Peter Dennis, is a hex-based boardgame that allows two players to recreate what is arguably the most famous battle in history.


Fell is a cooperative board game pitting 2-4 players against the Chimeris: gigantic misshapen Beasts that require many men to bring down. The players will hire a group of ruthless mercenaries, equip them carefully and then send them to hunt these gigantic Beasts.

In Fell, you will work together as one of five businessmen to take advantage of the bounties the king has placed upon the Beasts of the land


Z War One is the world’s first episodic, comic book miniature board game. It blends classic survival horror & RPG themes with intense tactical combat, to provide a cinematic and truly unique gaming experience.

The Z War One Issue #1 box set contains the extended first issue of the comic, along with the base set of models & boards you need to start playing the game. Each subsequent comic book acts as an expansion pack, continuing the game’s epic story, whilst introducing new miniatures, game mechanics & environments along the way.


MidKnight Heroes is a new miniature and gaming company that combines Sci-Fi warriors with fantasy races who has Rebooted their Kickstarter Campaing. Their goal is to create unique miniatures and games that appeal to a broad range of people, combining many elements of the miniature gaming hobby into one.

The miniatures are collectibles that can be used in tabletop gaming and will be highlighted in their upcoming tabletop skirmish game to be released at a later date.


The war of the gods has begun… Born from the dreams and nightmares of mankind, legendary beings are gathering forces to crush their enemies. They have put their fate in the hands of mere mortals like yourself, granting you the power to lead them to victory. Capture your opponents’ forces, turn their powers against them, and forge your own legend! In Immortal, ancient gods, heroes, and monsters battle for control over mythic realms. 2 to 4 players assume command of powerful pantheons summoned from world mythologies – Master Set One features the Norse, Greek, Japanese, and Native American pantheons. Each pantheon of character cards offers unique abilities and strategies to be mastered.


Kickstart your week! – Crowdfunding Campaigns at a glance

May 18th, 2015

Get your week off to a running (kick)start with a glimpse at these Kickstarter and IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaigns currently running!

White Rose Games have created Crestfallen, a new fantasy RPG set in a world where technology is much the same as our world during the Bronze Age. There’s also magic and mystical creatures. They have a Kickstarter up and running to try and get the system, powered by Fate, into your hands. In Crestfallen, life is tough. Just about everything is out to get you. Or it could be there to help you. You never really know (but generally that sneaky, conniving GM does). Will the gods help or hinder? Will your “friends” lead you astray? Is that spirit benevolent or malevolent?

The team behind Crestfallen has been working on it for over 15 years, researching life back in the Bronze Age and trying to bring that time to life in their game. This massive, 280+ page book, has been a labor of love and they’d love to have it sitting on your tabletop.


Frame 6 has taken to Kickstarter with their new project for Crysis: Analog Edition. The game was originally licensed to Queen Games for publishing. After the license agreement expired and the game hadn’t yet been released, Frame 6 offered to take over and acquired the publishing rights from Crytek.  Crysis will be cooperative, and for 2-8 players.

crysis analogue edition

The truth is out there. And the truth is that UFOs are invading! Run for your lives!
Ok, maybe not exactly, but that’s what’s happening in UFO Squad: Alien Invasion from Crossover Miniatures. This line of miniatures are for their new UFO Squad sci-fi skirmish game. Play as either the invading alien menace or the UFO Squads assigned to defend the earth from the grey wave. The figures are designed with a retro-sci-fi aesthetic that fits in with the style that Crossover is known for. The grey aliens are shorter than their human counterparts, but they make up for lack of size and strength with stealth and some carapace alien muscle, plus a flying disk for added firepower. The UFO squad, on the other hand, has access to the VU-27 Dropship, a utilitarian vehicle designed to get the squad where they need to be quickly and efficiently. The game system uses the “Song of…” system by Ganesha Games. And though Crossover admits that the stats they put together weren’t really playtested all that much, and there’s the potential for certain situations to end up being rather broken, the whole point was to just create a set of rules that could be played quickly and easily.


Karnivore Koala is a new card game by Voodoo Games that’s up on Kickstarter.  In Karnivore Koala, players are in charge of a tribe of koalas in a post-eucalyptus world where koala bears are now exclusively meat eaters. You must play your various tribe members and then roll dice to see if you can go out and hunt tonight’s dinner. There are 3 courses to hunt, in the form of appetizer, main course, and dessert. But you have to be careful, as your opponents are hungry for the same items, and they’re going to be trying to keep you from getting fed. You have to keep your bears from starving.

The standard box comes with 24 Workbear cards, 24 Villagebear cards, 6 Koala King cards, 14 Animal cards, 16 Huntbear cards, 24 Backstabbear cards, 5 dice, and rulebook. They’re also offering free shipping on all games, no matter where you live.


Iron League is a new fantasy sports board game that’s up on Kickstarter. In it, players are in charge of their own Iron League team and must bash, beat, and outscore their opponents to the title. Only through dogged determination will you be the best in this metal-on-metal game.

The goal of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Points are acquired a couple different ways, which allows for various play styles and team builds. Do you want to be more agile and precise, scoring goal after goal to get points? Or do you just want to chuck the ball as hard as you can at opposing robots, also giving you the potential to score points? The choice is up to you. The basic game comes with 6 robot players with interchangeable arms, 3 game boards, 1 goal square, 24 event cards and 38 action cards, 2 action dice, 1 plasma ball counter, two scoreboard counters, 8 damage counters, 1 summary sheet with scoreboard, 6 pilot markers, and the rulebook.


Kyy Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for Cabals, which aims to bring the popular online card game to your tabletop. The base game will allow you and up to 3 of your friends to participate in magic, occultism, witchcraft, and secret societies set in an alternate version of the 1930s.

There are four cabals that inhabit the main box. The Bearclaw Brotherhood, The Danann Covenant, The Vril Society and Finally, the Order of Zahir. The game combines card games with board games, in that you have your deck of cards that you draw from and play from, but your cards placement on the board matters for various effects, such as controlling resources you can use to summon creatures, and then sending those creatures against your opponent’s stronghold. The basic game takes place on a 5×5 grid with various special locations scattered throughout. The boards are modular, so no two games have to be exactly the same.


Deal With It is a new drinking card game (in the vein of Cards Against Humanity) that’s up on Kickstarter now.

The rules for Deal With It are pretty simple. Draw a card, read it, and do what it says. There are two types of cards, Black and White. Black cards are “one and done” sorts of things. They have either you or someone else drink a certain amount and are then discarded. White cards hang around. They stay on the table and impose “universal rules” that everyone must follow. There can only be 3 White cards on the table at a time, so if a 4th comes out, the player gets to pick one of the others to be discarded. Play continues until you decide to stop.