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ICE Announce HARP Folkways, a Supplement for HARP Fantasy!


March 29th, 2017

Iron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce the release of a BRAND NEW rules supplement for High Adventure Role Playing (HARP) Fantasy: HARP Folkways!

HARP Folkways is not a re-make or a re-print of an older product, but a completely brand new product written by the brilliant Jonathan Cassie.

With HARP Folkways you can enrich your characters and your world with unparalleled cultural depth, explore the diversity of cultures across twenty folkways drawing upon our world and fantasy classics and make your own unique cultures by defining how they handle matters of kinship, authority and the supernatural, how they dress, what they eat, and more.

With roughly 70% of the book being rules agnostic, HARP Folkways is a great buy whatever system you play.

HARP Folkways includes:
The Twenty Folkways – a technique to create believable cultures for any setting
A cultural perspective on well-known fantasy worlds from literature
Practical examples of culture creation
Eleven new races
Six new cultural adolescence packages
Ten new professions
New skills and talents
Twenty-three new training packages

Iron Crown Enterprises are currently running a promotion to buy the new HARP Folkways for just $10 from RPGNow. It won’t last forever though so buy it quick!

Bladestorm 2nd Edition available now


October 20th, 2016

The new Rulesbook as well as tools and game aides for Bladestorm 2nd Edition are available for purchase and as free downloads at RPGNow.

25 years after the first edition was released by Iron Crown Enterprises, Bladestorm returns in a completely redesigned, corrected, colorized and expanded Second Edition.

The fast paced rules enable quick battles between any kind of forces gamers wish to create. Regular troops, heroes, monsters, spell users, standard bearers, units, vehicles, musicians, leaders; if it’s a miniature, it can be turned into a Bladestorm combatant!

Base your hero on one of 16 fantasy races and equip weapons and armor from more than 60 weapon and natural attacks. Spell users choose from 222 magic spells within the reknown Rolemaster realms of Channeling, Essence and Mentalism.

With Bladestorm Second Edition you can get even more out of your combatants by assigning one of 14 professions to create a unique hero. More than 26 skills can be developed during the competitive campaign game.

10 scenarios with random encounters and plenty of loot options await the arrival of daring adventurers. Roll the dice while visiting the hiring halls and contract any one of more than 80 mercenaries…if you can afford them. Gather loot from your enemies, from chests and bosses and use the item creation system to uncover unspeakable artefacts.

Bladestorm Second Edition is accompanied by the free and easy to use Bladestorm Calculator that lets you design and organize your forces with the click of a button. Start the adventure today with 14 archetype characters that can be played out-of-the-box.

  • 16 Fantasy Races
  • 60 Weapon and Natural Attacks
  • 222 Magic Spells (74 Channeling, 74 Essence, 74 Mentalism)
  • 14 Professions
  • 26 Profession Skills
  • 10 Scenarios
  • 80 Mercenaries
  • Item Creation System
  • 14 Prebuilt Character Archetypes

Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn available now


April 23rd, 2015

Iron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce the release of “Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn” an adventure module for Shadow World which is available now at RPGNow.

Terry Amthor brings you a brand-new adventure module filled with incredible artwork and maps along with everything a GM needs to run an exciting and engaging campaign. Set in northern Rhakhaan on the continent of Jaiman, this module includes:

– Nine complete adventures, plus several adventure seeds
– Complete plans of the Green Gryphon Inn, along with profiles of the eccentric staff.
– Complete stats for major NPCs in Rolemaster Second Edition/RM Classic and RMRFP /RMSS.
– Charts for area encounters, pricing charts for food and lodging.
– Information about the Kingdom Highway crossroads.
– Powers of the ancient Gryphon Bridge, built by the mythical Earthwardens.
– Layout of the town of Gryphonburgh, including important locations.

You can buy this product now at RPGNow or visit the Iron Crown Enterprises blog for a special introductory discount.

Guild Companion Publications releases Rolemaster Combat Minion


February 10th, 2014

Guild Companion Publications has released their Rolemaster Combat Minion .pdf .

Iron Crown Enterprises have just announced the release of Rolemaster Combat Minion, a brand new e-support package to help speed up and simplify combat encounters. Available from RPGNow, the license unlocks the entire set of weapon and critical tables for the RM2/Classic Rolemaster rules (RMSS/RMFRP coming soon) for use with the Rolemaster Combat Minion free web app. You can evaluate the application for free by visiting the site before purchasing the tables from RPGNow.

“Minion” is a free web app to help GMs process and track combat encounters and stats/health/wounds. It streamlines the entire combat process, including initiative, combat calculations, attack and critical tables. It can be used on any desktop PC or tablet with a normal web browser.