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Iron Reich Warchief Revealed by Kromlech

Nov 1, 2017

Kromlech are proud to present you their final Orctober release, the Iron Reich Warchief!

The biggest, the smartest, the strongest and the most wrathful of all Greatcoat Orcs from Iron Reich. A true leader for the green horde that gathers to invade any enemy.

This multi part resin set contains one Iron Reich Warchief. You can assembly him with HMG or brutal axe in one hand while the other hand is equiped with massive crusher. This model is approximately 48mm height. 40mm plastic base included. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.

Iron Reich Goblin Squad from Kromlech

January 28th, 2015

Kromlech have released their thematic Iron Reich Goblin Squad in 28mm heroic scale.

The set contains ten characterful models of the Iron Reich Goblin Squad cast from high quality resin, supplied unpainted, and ten plastic 25mm round bases.