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Mayfair Games Announces Isle of Skye Journeyman Expansion

August 22, 2017

Isle of Skye: Journeyman, is the first big expansion to Isle of Skye from designers Alexander Pfister and Andreas Pelikan.

Becoming a king is hard, but being a king is even harder. You need warriors to protect your kingdom, merchants to keep your treasury liquid and heralds which proclaim your popularity across the kingdom. Luckily, your best mate has agreed to take over the hard graft so that you concentrate becoming a glory chieftain.

This new expansion contains new personal player boards indicating your progress in terms of strength, prosperity and popularity. As each progress step has requirements to be met, the personal player boards affect tile selling and placement. However, in order to claim the next level of development and gain potential rewards, it’s not sufficient to place the corresponding tiles only. A new pawn (the journeyman) needs to travel the kingdom and “activate” the tiles. In addition, 4 new scoring tiles are contained respecting the new challenges of Isle of Skye: Journeyman.

4 New scoring tiles
8 New landscape tiles
7 Gold coins
15 Roads
5 “50/100” VP markers
1 Rulebook
In each of the 5 player colors: 1 progress board,
6 markers, 9 bonus tiles, 1 Journeyman pawn

Myth: Journeyman hits Kickstarter

March 11th, 2015

MegaCon Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Myth: Journeyman, a pair of expansions for their Myth board game.

Myth is a cooperative game for 2 to 5 players developed and published by MegaCon Games. Blackwall Warrens and the Shores of Kanis expand and update the world of Myth with Journeyman Heroes, terrifying new monsters, exciting new weapons and armor sets, and a revised rule set and cards.

What is NEW?  There is a lot of new;
5 “light” Journeyman Hero decks (Shores of Kanis)
5 “dark” Journeyman Hero decks (Blackwall Warrens)
New Heroes: Swashbuckler and the Outsider
Commander class monsters
New Bosses, Mini-bosses, Captains, and Minions
Orange tier weapons and gear
Gold tier armor sets
Dual wielding
Malice pool
Myth Module System
New realm tiles
New traps
New titles
Capture and Interrogate rules
Bar Fight alternate game mode

What is UPDATED?
2nd Edition rules
All base game Hero cards
All KS exclusive Hero and item cards (Trickster, Skald, Spriggan)
All base game item cards
Trap deck