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Khurasan Releases Later 14th Century 15mm Sets

August 8, 2017

Khurasan are very pleased to release six new codes for their 15mm later 14th century range, the first sets of men-at-arms on foot, and more sets of infantry.

As most men-at-arms fought on foot in this period rather than mounted, these releases permit the gamer to build the basic components of armies of the period — either an English herce (longbows flanking men at arms) or the French men at arms formations with crossbows supporting at a distance. In addition to the men-at-arms (these first sets are in jupons), they also have pavisiers, crossbowmen, and armed peasants. (Please note these are the larger “15mm” figures pioneered by Testudo which are now the size offered by several manufacturers.)

Available now.




Khurasan Releases 15mm Purgators Minis

July 17, 2017

Khurasan have neglected the 15mm Little Carinthia Eldritch Horror range too long, but help is on the way — the Papal Purgator Battalions have arrived.

These include conventional weapons to strip away the damned human followers of the dark powers — rifles as well as heavier weapons — but the real demon fighting power is provided by the Exorcists, wielding the Flame of the Sacred Heart. To use the Flame, those fearless souls have to approach the demon … eye to eye. The Purgators all wear the pointed hood of the penitent — this prevents demons from seeing their faces and thus stealing their souls.

Available now.

purgator-exorcists purgator-rifles

New 15mm BMP-1P from Khurasan

July 7, 2017

Khurasan are very pleased to release our latest 15mm Soviet/Russian vehicle of the Cold War to Modern period, the BMP-1P.

After its trial by fire in the Yom Kippur War, the BMP-1 was found to have room for improvement, and one key issue was the mounting of the ATGM launcher above the main cannon. This was remedied on the BMP-1P, which has a pintle mounted ATGM launching tube. Thousands of these remain in service around the world today

Khurasan Starts a New 15mm Late 14th Century Miniatures Range

June 15th, 2017

Khurasan are very happy to release the first codes in their 15mm Hundred Years War/Late Fourteenth Century range, two sets of English longbowmen.

One set is wearing aketons (or gambesons if you prefer) with the other set adding leg harness and chainmail hauberks. Each figurine is provided with its own separate arrow bunch stuck into the ground.

The core period of the range is 1350-1400, when bascinets reigned supreme. A bit into the period (there’s some disagreement as to exactly when) the extended visor called the hounskull was adopted, one of the most distinctive and menacing looks ever used by knights. Of course the range will focus on the Hundred Years War to start, and codes for knights in jupons and French infantry types are in production now as well, to be released soon. But other nations will be covered as well, and we are already making comprehensive lines of Spanish and Italians (these will be combined due to the close resemblance between many of their troop types). Look for foot knights and French infantry next, including crossbows, pavisiers and peasants.


Khurasan release Gasgan Miniatures in 15mm

February 11th, 2017

Khurasan release a 15mm range for the Gasgans, picturesquely horrid savages who constantly raided the Hittite Empire and may have contributed to the downfall of that great civilisation. Also known as the Kaska people or the Kaskians, they were Anatolian highlanders who were able to muster 9,000 men or more, as well as chariots, for their wars on the Hittites and anyone else who got in their way.

The range includes warbands, archers, slingers, and a chariot set that gives the gamer the option to build noble chariots or commander’s chariots, and includes a Gasgan witch wearing an Anatolian Viper! There’s also a warband with two chariots and over one hundred infantry available at a discount.

These models can be used to field a Gasgan army, or Gasgan mercenaries or allies in a Hittite or Egyptian army. They can also be used for other Anatolian tribesmen, including in the Trojan War.

gasgan-archers gasgan-warband

Khurasan releases 15mm T-64BV Tank

February 3rd, 2017

Khurasan are very pleased to release their latest Cold War/Modern Armour vehicle in 15mm scale, the T-64BV.

This would have been the most dangerous adversary Western tanks would have faced on a late Cold War battlefield in Central Europe, combining the advanced features of the T-64 with reactive armour. The vehicle did not see combat during the Cold War but as it was manufactured for the Soviet Union in Ukraine, it is being used by both sides in the current Donbass conflict.

The kit is in resin with pewter details and is available on both their 80s Cold War and Modern Russian ranges.

Khurasan’s new 15mm Sci-Fi Tank released

November 20th, 2016

Khurasan are pleased to release their latest 15mm sci-fi armored fighting vehicle, the Seydlitz Tank.

This vehicle has the same hull as the more advanced Samson tank, but is armed with a conventional CPR cannon mounted in a different turret, and lacks the gatling gun of the Samson.

The kit is available singly or in a platoon of four at a reduced price. Available now.

15mm Merkava Mark 4 available now from Khurasan

June 26th, 2016

Khurasan are very pleased to release the latest model for the 15mm Modern Middle Eastern Wars range, and the first armoured vehicle specific to that range, the 15mm Merkava Mark 4.

This is the interim version, with the solid rear mudguard but pre-TROPHY. The kit is resin with pewter detail parts, including an optional part for “Sampson’s Hair” — the chain and ball application on the lower rear of the turret, meant to detonate ATGMs before they strike the shot trap on the turret rear face. Now that TROPHY is being adopted Sampson’s Hair is being phased out but can still be seen on some tanks, and was used in the 2006 invasion of Lebanon.