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Kromlech Release Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Quad Heavy Thunder Gun


March 11th, 2017

Kromlech have released a new model for their Legion Armoury line: the New Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Quad Heavy Thunder Gun.

Self-propelled heavy weapon system for infantry support.

This one is armed with Quad Heavy Thunder Gun is best used against mass of enemy light infantry.

Kromlech Releases 28mm Quad Lascannon Heavy Weapon Platform


March 9th, 2017

Kromlech have released a new 28mm Quad Lascannon Heavy Weapons Platform miniature for your Legionaries Army.

This version of the Heavy Weapons Platform is perfect against enemy vehicles or “hard to kill” targets.

Legionary Frag Launcher from Kromlech


August 31st, 2016

Kromlech have a new release for your 28mm sci-fi minis army; The Legionary Frag Launcher.

The Legionary Frag Launcher is one of the most versatile legion range weapon with an ability to destroy infantry and vehicles alike.
War gear that enables a legionary to shot with two modes, one as area fragmentation for anti personal best effect or a solid shot which can penetrate heavy armoured troops or even the thickest vehicle armour.

Are you ready to hunt some aliens, heretics and fallen legionaries?

Kromlech releases 2 new Legionary Sentry Guns


August 11th, 2016

Kromlech have a new release for your 28mm sci-fi Legionaries; an automatic defense system with two armament options.
One designed to destroy soft targets and the other for heavy armored ones.

Legionary Sentry Gun: Twin Heavy Thunder Gun
Legionary Sentry Gun: Twin Lascannon

Designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale. These models are approximately 32mm height [without mechanical legs] from the bottom of the base to the top of optical sensor. Turret is mounted at ring which diameter is 26mm and fits top hatch of APC. Tripod diameter is approximately 36mm [without mechanical legs].


Kromlech Releases New Orc Incinerator Team


July 11th, 2016

Are there any Orc fans here?! If yes, then Kromlech has something for you; A new release and it’s bloody hot!

Introducing the new Orc Incinerator Team in 28mm.

This set contains five fearless Orc Incinerator Team armed in flamers. Inside a pack you will find 5 orc armoured greatcoat bodies designed for this team with a set of bits dedicated for each body. There is also a set of 5 heads which you can glue as you wish among those bodies.

28mm Orc Sparkk Energy Cannon from Kromlech


April 20th, 2016

Kromlech have a new 28mm orcish miniature release; A mighty machine of destruction for Orcs.
Introducing the Orc Sparkk Energy Cannon

Firing white hot plasma blasts which destroys every type of infantry and light vehicles.
Once in a while it leaks and disable the gunner but who cares with such irrelevant detail

New Orc weapons from Kromlech


February 21st, 2016

Your Orc brutes are not going anywhere without a proper killing tools but if you would like them to look more dangerous, more confident, better armed, to have another weapon “just in case” then we have the right thing for you:

Kromlech’s 28mm Orc Melee Weapons bits are now available!

Those are perfect tools for stabbing, striking, cutting, chopping, hitting, throwing or orc kitchen.
Be careful not to hurt yourself, they are very sharp and rusty

This set contains ten highest quality resin orc melee weapons (2 of each design) for use with orcs or other 28mm heroic scale miniatures.

Kaptain Orc available from Kromlech


February 16th, 2016

Every nation needs a hero.
Every orc child dreams to become one

Kaptin Orc, now available from Kromlech Miniatures

It is our first 54mm scale model.
This model is approximately 95mm height and 70mm wide including the wall.