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Six New Dynasty Packs for Legend of the Five Rings TCG


October 17, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the next chapters of the unfolding story of Legend of the Five Rings: the six Dynasty Packs of the Imperial Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game:

Change is coming to the Emerald Empire, as the Great Clans jockey for position in the Emperor’s courts and on the field of battle. From the opium dens in the City of Lies, to the Wall that still stands strong against the Shadowlands, to the High House of Light in the northern mountains, there are stories being told across all Rokugan—and in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, you have the chance to play a role in that story unfolding.

You can pre-order the Dynasty Packs of the Imperial Cycle at your local retailer or by clicking one of the links above, and read on for more information about the release of this cycle!

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Is Available Now


Oct 10, 2017

From the Shadowlands in the south to the Burning Sands in the north, from the Twilight Mountains in the west to the Islands of Spice and Silk in the east, Rokugan, the Emerald Empire, has stood for over one thousand years thanks to the seven Great Clans who serve the Emperor. As guardians and politicians, each clan fulfills their role in society and they are as varied as they are powerful. But all are bound by the same code of honor, the way of the warrior, the code of Bushid?. Honor is valued above all else, and a misspoken remark can be just as fatal as an enemy’s blade.

Enter the Emerald Empire. Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is available now!

The world of Rokugan expands before you with the new Living Card Game® of honor and steel. Choose your Great Clan and overrun your opponent’s provinces through military and political strength. Every game of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game sees two players vie for superiority on the battlefield and in court. The first to overrun their opponent’s stronghold—through military or political means—claims victory.


Fantasy Flight Games Announces Battle for Rokugan Board Game


Sept 10, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Battle for Rokugan, a new strategic board game based in the Legend of the Five Rings universe!

Rokugan is a land filled with spirits, beauty, and strife. Seven great clans inhabit this diverse realm, ever loyal to the Emperor, but ever fighting for dominance among themselves. As they battle for supremacy, the daimy?s who lead their people must use all their cunning and skill to gather information, anticipate their opponent’s actions, and lay battle plans that will lead them to victory. Only one can prove themselves worthy enough to become the true voice of this land and usher Rokugan into an age of prosperity.


Battle for Rokugan puts two to five players in the roles of Rokugani daimy? fighting for territory in the early days of the Emerald Empire. The beautifully illustrated game board transports players to this new world that is ripe for the taking. The land of Rokugan is divided into territories that belong to each of the seven honorable clans: Crab, Crane, Dragon, Phoenix, Lion, Scorpion, and Unicorn, that have been battling for dominance since their foundation by the Kami.  Past the safety of these provinces’ walls lay several unclaimed territories, including the mysterious Shadowlands that beckon to those who desire power no matter the cost. The players’ ultimate goal is to conquer as many of Rokugan’s provinces as possible to gain honor for their clan and prove that their people are truly superior, and the only clan fit to guide the Empire.

Tears of Amaterasu comes to Legend of the Five Rings TCG


August 27, 2017

As the seven clans of Rokugan continue to serve the Emperor, cracks begin to fracture between them. Conflict is brewing in the Emerald Empire, and every clan must be ready for the turmoil to follow.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Tears of Amaterasu, the first Dynasty Pack in the Imperial Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card GameTears of Amaterasu comes with three copies each of twenty new cards, giving every clan new tools in their quest for superiority.

The Imperial Cycle continues to introduce the themes found in the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set as well as expanding on cards tied to the Seeker and Keeper roles. The cycle explores the imperial side of the Empire by introducing a cycle of powerful magistrates as well as cards that focus on the Imperial Favor mechanic.

Legend of the Five Rings LCG Announced


April 22nd, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set.

Originally released in 1995 as a collectible card game, Legend of the Five Rings has since thrived with its unique setting, engaging gameplay, and enthusiastic player base. Now players new and old alike can experience Rokugan like never before in the Living Card Game format.

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is a player-influenced LCG that sees two players take on the role of one of the seven Great Clans of Rokugan, vying for military and political control of the land while maintaining Rokugan society’s strict code of honor.

Each player commands their forces with two separate decks: A Dynasty Deck fills their provinces with characters and holdings and a Conflict Deck consisting of tactics, maneuvers, followers and attachments that can be used to turn the tide in a struggle for supremacy. During a game, players will engage in conflicts, both political and military based, with the goal of breaking their opponent’s stronghold and winning the game. But the rules of society are absolute, and even in the fire of battle and heat of Rokugan’s courts, clans must remember the tenets of Bushid?, lest they lose everything in their single-minded pursuit of glory.

The Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set comes with everything a player needs to explore the seven great clans of Rokugan, the Crab Clan, Crane Clan, Dragon Clan, Lion Clan, Phoenix Clan, Scorpion Clan, and Unicorn Clan. It also includes a variety of tokens, cards, and rule sheets that make the Core Set the definitive starting point for the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

Atlas of Rokugan available now for Legend of the Five Rings RPG


September 29th, 2016

The Atlas of Rokugan is now available through DriveThruRPG for the Legend of the Five Rings role playing game from Fantasy Flight Games!

From the smallest fishing village on the Islands of Silk and Spice to the sprawling cities of Ryoko Owari or Otosan Uchi, the realm of Rokugan is filled with wonder, adventure, magic, and intrigue. Each of the Great Clans brings unique strengths to the Emperor’s service, and the lands of every clan are equally different. Now, you can travel anywhere in the Emerald Empire and still know exactly where you stand.

Legend of the Five Rings Atlas of Rokugan available next month for digital download


August 20th, 2016

Throughout the course of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game, you and your fellow samurai have walked the length and breadth of Rokugan. From the lofty mountain temples of the Dragon Clan to the Crab Clan’s Great Carpenter Wall, from the Burning Sands in the west to the Islands of Silk and Spice in the east, you’ve had countless adventures, won undying glory, and fought to maintain your honor.

Now, you’ll be able to locate your adventures with greater ease than ever before: The Atlas of Rokugan will be available for digital download or print-on-demand purchase through DriveThruRPG next month!


Naturally, The Atlas of Rokugan includes dozens of maps, but it also offers much more than that. You’ll find a detailed overview of the lands beholden to each Great Clan, offering background detail and full information about the provinces, cities, and castles that define those lands. With additional sections showcasing the lands of the minor clans, Imperial holdings, the Shadowlands, and even the great Shinomen Forest, no part of Rokugan has escaped the attention of the Imperial cartographers.

Final Koku offers available for all IA members

lot5r logo

November 1st, 2015

AEG will be turning over production of Legend of the Five Rings card game to Fantasy Flight Games (BIG news!) and AEG is starting to wrap up production for the game. They are offering one last set of Koku sets for players, even if you havn’t had an active account in some time.

Every account that has ever had a subscription has been re-activated until December 31st to take advantage of the offers.