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MAGE Company Acquires Goblin Dice

July 10, 2017

The fun and challenging dice game Goblin Dice is now part of MAGE Company’s Family Line.

MAGE Company is proud to announce that it has reached an agreement with GAGA Games in order to acquire its game Goblin Dice.

This 2-6 player board game challenges your attention and reaction time since you turn into a small agile goblin who participates in the race of the century. You will be followed by the Magic Stone that threatens to smash anyone who slows down for a second.

During the game players will have to roll the dice and then grab those with numbers they need as fast as they can. This gambling and fascinating board game, which lasts no more than 30 minutes, will stir up anyone playing it.

“The Development Team had so much fun while playing Goblin Dice that they insisted in adding it to our Family Line. This is a great game that everybody can have fun with, younger and older!”, underlines Alexander Argyropoulos, General Manager of MAGE Company.

The game will be published in Q2 2018 with an estimated MSRP of $20.

MAGE Company acquires Dwar7s Fall

January 5th, 2017

MAGE Company is proud to announce that it has acquired the game Dwar7s Fall by Vesuvius Media.

Dwar7s Fall is a game about collecting gems in order to trade it for food. In the meantime you also will need to build your dwarf kingdom and slay some monsters.

In this game you have multiple paths to win by choosing carefully your actions. Dwar7s Fall recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign, which caught the eyes of the Development Team of MAGE Company. The main purpose of MAGE is to promote the game to as many countries as possible, as we believe it perfectly fits our Family Games line. This second edition of the game by Vesuvius Media is language independant.

Liam Games to distribute MAGE Company in Israel

December 2nd, 2016

Liam Games now distributes MAGE Company games in Israel.

The collaboration between the two companies started with the distribution of the Cohort in the Israeli market. The Cohort is a fast-paced card game for 2-6 players, who race to be the first to assemble a Legion. This way you can show Caesar you are the greatest of his commanders.

Aether Captains returns to Kickstarter

April 18th, 2016

Aether Captains is a steampunk themed, scenario-based, asymmetric board game for 1-5 players and returns on Kickstarter Today!
Base Pledge Level at $55 (limited) and $60.
Base Game + 2 Expansion Boxes + Stretch Goals $90 (limited) and $100
And much more…!
One player commands the mighty naval zeppelins of the Grand Compact: Dauntless and Dominion. As Commander, you have been tasked by the Emperor to defend the Grand Compact and Arkady from the merciless sky pirates. With your staunch crew of steam welders, engineers, navigators and gunners, you fly with honor to confront the pirates
threatening Arkady.
aether captains components

MAGE Company taking preorders for The Cohort

April 8th, 2016

It is time to polish your armor and sharpen your sword, for mighty Caesar has called for his legions to assemble.
The Cohort from MAGE Company is a fast-paced card game for 2-6 players in a race to be the first to assemble a Legion and show Caesar you are the greatest of his commanders and is ready for Preorder now from their website for just $14.99 US.
Legions are composed of 3 different Cohorts, each made of one of seven different types of units: Praetorians, Catapults, Centurions, Sagittarii, Equites, Legionaries and Velites. During a turn, you draw two cards, keep one and give the other to a player of your choice. You can keep that card in your hand or trigger it and create a Cohort. Be careful though, for the troops are rowdy! Until a Cohort is complete their behavior works against you.
So snap them into line as quickly as you can, disrupt the plans of your fellow commanders and show Caesar that your Legion is the greatest in all the Empire.
Estimated shipping date of June 1st, 2016
the cohort cards

MAGE Company taking preorders for Carrotia

March 24th, 2016

Pre-orders for Carrotia are now available through the MAGE Company Web Store.

Carrotia is a light co-operative, tile placement game for 1-6 players where the team collectively works together against a timer to build three different mazes of increasing size and escape from each one collecting the most Carrots by avoiding the birds’ attacks.


MAGE Company and Ninja Division partner up in North America

January 13th, 2015

Ninja Division Publishing and MAGE Company Ltd are proud to announce Ninja Division Publishing LLC as the North American publisher for MAGE Company’s premier line of games, including: Raid & Trade, 12 Realms , and the upcoming Aether Captains .

MAGE Company’s products will be joining Ninja Division Publishing’s range of incredibly successful products including: Super Dungeon Explore, Ninja AllStars, Relic Knights, Alien v Predator, and Clacks.

Beginning immediately, distributors and retailers may contact Ninja Division Publishing with all trade enquiries regarding Raid & Trade , 12 Realms , and their associated expansions, which are scheduled for release Q2 2016. Aether Captains will be coming to Kickstarter this February by MAGE Company.

Mage Company Announces Carrotia

January 11th, 2015

MAGE Companies first game for this year will be demoed in Spielwarenmesse and is titled Carrotia.

Carrotia is a coop, tile placement game for 1-6 players racing against the time. In Carrotia you try to collect enough carrots by building a way for your rabbit through a map full of carrots and animals that try to stop you. But watch out! There is not much time to make decisions. The time is running!

The board is divided in three zones. The first includes 9 tiles, the second 16 tiles and the last one 25 tiles. For each zone there is a corresponded small deck of mission cards that point the entrance and the way out. Each player moves the bunny to the direction they want but beware, you can’t move backwards. Choose the correct way in order to collect the most carrots, complete the mission and try to avoid the owl, the hawk and the rest birds!

You are not alone in this journey. The bunnies will help you with their special abilities!