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3 new terrain sets from Micro Art Studio


September 17th, 2014

Micro Art Studio have released 3 new Sci-Fi terrain pieces.  One specifically designed for use with Infinity miniatures.

Two unpainted hardfoam Hive Maws.
Each Maw consists of 8 teeth made of resin Needs to be assembled
Length: 22 cm / 8,7 inch
Width: 13,4 cm / 5,3 inch
Height: 15 cm / 5,9 inch

One unpainted Hive Crest.
Length: 22 cm / 8,7 inch
Width: 13,4 cm / 5,3 inch
Height: 15 cm / 5,9 inch

And new resin designed for infinity stuff:
The set consists of 6 unpainted resin Road Barriers.
Length: 7,9 cm / 3,1 inch
Width: 2 cm / 0,8 inch
Height: 2 cm / 0,8 inch


Wolsung expansion kickstarter underway


June 26th, 2014

Micro Art Studio has their Wolsung Steampunk skirmish game expansion Kickstarter campaign underway and already more than 2 times funded


Wolsung is a 28mm miniature skirmish game set in the Fantastic 19th Century!

These are the extraordinary times of Magical-Industrial Revolution. In Lyonesse, the city of cities, sky is crowded with airships and steam-powered automobiles race the streets.Elven aristocrats from their gentelmen’s clubs plot intricate intrigues. Workshops and factories spawn mad scientists’ mechanical golems and cabalistic thinking machines. Halfling mobsters and orc triads fight their war in backalleys and docks. In the dark corners of the city, unnoticed by the warring clubs, the undead rise their heads planning to bring back horrors of the Great War.

These daring times demand extraordinary heroes.? And sometimes even ‘extraordinary’ is just not enough!

The outcome of a game of Wolsung is decided by a keen eye, reflexes and a bit of luck, using a brilliant combination of six-sided dice and gaming cards.

Models of powerful heroes followed by their brave henchmen activate alternately, keeping both players entertained all the time. Who will you be in the heroic struggle on streets and alleys of Lyonesse?

New Wolsung SSG Terrain from Micro Art Studio


June 5th, 2014

Micro Art Studio gives you more terrain options with the release of their new XIX Century Warehouse for Wolsung SSG miniatures.

Length of the building 26 cm / 10,2 inches
Width of the building 20 cm / 7,9 inches
Overall height 18 cm / 7 inches

Mystic 120mm base from Micro Art Studio


May 29th, 2014

Micro Art Studio has a new huge, wide lip 120mm Mystic round-edge base available over in their webshop.



New Dark Temple Fortification Set


May 28th, 2014

Micro Art Studio gives you a new way to protect your evil minions with the release of their new Dark Temple Fortification set.

Dark Temple Fortification Set consists of:
short walls – 4 elements
long walls – 4 elements

The fortification set overall length is approximately 72cm / 28 inches
All elements are made from resin.

New Mosaic Base sizes available from Micro Art Studio


March 29th, 2014

Micro Art Studio have added a bunch of new base sizes to their incredibly popular Mosaic line:
You will find huge WIDE LIP ROUND 120mm BASE :), Cavalry size 25x50mm and 50x50mm square.

New Tau Ceti vents terrain pieces from Micro Art Studio


March 27th, 2014

Micro Art Studio has released some new Tau Ceti vents terrain models in Hard foam.

The detail is still not so crisp and fine like in resin but the whole set of this 3 buildings weights only 55 grams! In resin such buildings would weight about 490 grams.

Length: 5,5 cm / 2,2 inch
Width: 5,2 cm / 2 inch
Height: 7,0 cm / 2,7 inch

New Cyber Fortification Terrain Set available from Micro Art Studio


January 24th, 2014

Micro Art Studio gives you more terrain options for your tabletop with their new Cyber Fortification Set

The set consists of:
resin short walls – 4 elements
resin long walls – 4 elements
acrilic short walls top plates – 4 acrylic elements
acrilic long walls top plates – 4 acrylic elements
4 small acrilic elements for resin short walls
8 big acrilic elements for resin long walls

The fortification set overall length is approximately 72cm / 28 inches
All resin elements are made from high quality resin.
All acrylic elements are made from 3mm thick fluorescent and transparent acrylic.