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Stray Dogs Mini Available from Miniature Building Authority


June 27, 2017

Miniature Building Authority now has 28mm Stray Dogs available in their growing figure and animal line.

You get one dog standing, one dog lying down and a puppy in a box! Dogs are always needed in all genres…so grab some and add them to your tables.

Made of metal and supplied unpainted.

Miniature Building Authority Gets Out of the 15mm Market


April 7th, 2017

Miniature Building Authority is getting out of the 15mm market, and this means great savings for you, while supplies last!

All of their current stock of 15mm items are 50% off of the original retail price. There are limited amounts of each of these items, so get them while you can.

We appreciate the support from our 15mm collectors and gamers over the years. We have decided to not pursue this scale at this time.

Thank you for your support.

2 new 28mm Terrain from Miniature Building Authority


December 13th, 2014

Miniature Building Authority‘s line of Direct Terrain has two new 28mm offerings.

First, we have a small trash heap to go with our line of shanties. Doing a small shanty town you will have to have piles of trash. These heaps look great and go great with the buildings.

Our second item this week is our firing step for our Farmstead II walls. These are great for turning these privacy walls into great fortifications.

Both of these items are part of our Direct Terrain line of products only available here at the MBA website or when you see us at conventions. They come unpainted and one to a package. Figures are not included.

New 15mm AT Gun Bunker and 28mm Tool Shed available from Miniature Building Authority

miniature building authority

October 25th, 2013

Miniature Building Authority has a new 15mm bunker and 28mm tool shed available.

The bunker fits the standard size gun base for that popular game of WWII.  The shed is that sheet metal shed that you find at your local large hardware stores. Great place to put objectives and other fun aspects for games. They come unpainted and figures are not included.


New Shanties available from Miniature Building Authority

miniature building authority

October 17th, 2013

Shanties are now available as Miniature Building Authority announces release of two new Direct Items;

As we continue to expand our modern 28mm range we are now offering two styles of shanties. A large one and a small one. These will be great for any zombie games, post apocalyptic games, Somalia Pirate games, and many other games out there. They come unpainted and figures are not included.



Concrete Tower now available from Miniature Building Authority’s Direct Terrain


June 28th, 2013

Miniature Building Authority‘s line of Direct Terrain has added a new item to the line up for modern warfare. The 28mm Concrete Tower is now available. This piece has a removable roof to allow access to the top floor. It stands six inches tall. It does not come painted.

This will go great with any Combat Outpost or Forward Operating Base scenario. Can easily be used with the T-walls (DIR-023) or the Hesco Barriers (DIR-024).

15mm Italian Villa’s from Miniature Building Authority


June 26th, 2013

The 15138 Italian Clock Tower and the 15137 Italian Farm Houses are now ready for your tables. These will give you more buildings to flush out your Italian villages. The Clock Tower is almost 10″ tall. What an awesome location to put the sniper or artillery spotter!

As with all of the MBA buildings, they come fully painted and assembled. These convert into ruins when you remove the roof sections.

These and all of our other buildings can be found at their website.

Farmstead and Train Station in 15mm from MBA


April 8th, 2013

Miniature Building Authority announces that the (previously featured here) massive 15mm Farmstead II and the 15mm Train Station are now for sale.

These are all pre-painted and pre-assembled ready to put on the table and game. The larger buildings upper portion removes to leave behind ruined versions of the buildings. The smaller buildings have removable roofs.