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Modiphius Releases The Dying Ship Adventure for Coriolis RPG


August 23, 2017

Modiphius Entertainment has released The Dying Ship adventure for use with Coriolis Sci-Fi RPG.

The ice hauler Orun II has stopped responding to hails, and has changed course towards a deadly asteroid cloud. The player characters are tasked with intercepting the heavy freighter to find out what has happened onboard and bring it back to Coriolis safely.

What is hiding aboard the silent hauler and what has happened to her crew?

In this full-length adventure for Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG, the players get to explore the mystery of the dying ship, confront an ancient secret – and hopefully live to tell the tale. The contents include:

An exciting and action-packed scenario taking place on Coriolis, in space and onboard the dying ship.
Ship plans for the ice hauler Orun II.
Several player handouts.
Practical tips for the Gamemaster.
Five pre-made characters, ready to be used right away.

Modiphius Releases Conan The Thief Sourcebook for the Conan RPG


May 30th, 2017

Conan the Thief takes you into the dark underworld of the Hyborian Age. From the choked avenues of the most dangerous cities to the marbled corridors of the wealthiest palaces, master thieves and deadly assassins seek to make their fortunes, risking all in pursuit of gold, prestige, and respect.

Whatever it is you seek, fast hands and quicker wits can forge a legend.

Embark upon dangerous heists, avoiding traps, watchmen, hideous creatures, and fell sorceries in pursuit of treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Work alongside legendary thieves of Conan’s world, carrying out robberies worthy of their reputation, or work against them and take the riches of the world for yourself! Steal wealth beyond measure, avoid capture, and secure yourself a place in infamy!

This book requires the Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of corebook to use.

  • New archetypes, talents, and equipment allowing you to create your own unique thief characters, with all the skills needed to flourish and survive.
  • A gazetteer covering the locations of Conan’s world, where thieves prosper and riches are there for the plunder! Detailed guides to the cities of Zamora, Shadizar, and others, revealing those places where thieves can find gold for the taking and refuge from the law.
  • Stunning art and maps, produced by world renowned Conan artists.
  • Guides to running authentic thief games, with all-new rules for joining guilds, measuring your renown, and building your reputations as the greatest thieves the world has seen!
  • A heist generator, allowing gamemasters to create unique adventures that capture the danger, darkness, and intrigue of a Conan story, all in a couple of dice rolls!
  • Developed with leading Conan scholars, this is the tense, deadly, underworld of the Hyborian Age, just as Howard created it!

Modiphius looking for playtesters for Kung Fu Panda!


October 31st, 2016

MODIPHIUS ENTERTAINMENT has announced a licensing deal with Dreamworks Animation to produce an official boardgame based on Kung Fu Panda and they are looking for people to playtest the game!

Letting you step in to the action as either Po or one of the Furious Five, the boardgame will feature intense dice rolling action, as the players co-operate to defeat Tai Lung and other villains from the Kung Fu Panda films and animated series.

Each of the heroes; Po, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Viper will be represented by awesome miniatures and have a growing arsenal of martial arts as they progress through a series of exotic adventures. By defeating villains, completing quests and helping others, players will gain Kharma to upgrade their characters abilities and secure the use of legendary artifacts from Master Shifu with which to face yet deadlier perils.

Kung Fu Panda The Board Game will be launching in 2017.

Fantasy Flight, Modiphius and Cabinet team up to republish Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel


October 9th, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce a publishing partnership with Modiphius Entertainment and Cabinet Entertainment to publish and distribute the exciting, action-packed reboot of the 1990’s classic techno-fantasy miniatures boardgame, Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel!

This publishing deal will begin with the conclusion of the Kickstarter, once all pledges have been fulfilled and the product released to retail.

Set in the post-apocalyptic universe of a techno-fantasy future in space, the Mutant Chronicles series of movies, roleplaying games, card games, novels, comics, and board games sees the earth as we know it drained of resources and abandoned for those planetary bodies closest to us: Venus, Mars, Mercury, Luna, and the Asteroid Belt. Eventually, these expanionist refugees awaken an unnatural evil, unleashing its demonic influence upon the remnants of humanity. Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel takes place during one of these great wars, as Cardinal Durand and the DoomTroopers unite the five huge megacorporations under one banner. Mustering the greatest army humanity has ever seen, these brave souls lay siege to Alakhai’s terrifying Citadel in an effort to liberate Venus.

In the game, each player will take on the role of one of these corporations, sending their duo of DoomTroopers into the Citadel on one of ten missions. Battling through the scenario, completing objectives, and securing the needs of their secondary missions, each successful player’s DoomTrooper will gain promotion points, potentially gaining rank or purchasing new and devastating weaponry and gadgets. In a truly unique take on semi-cooperative gameplay, the player who controls the forces of the Dark Legion rotates between each mission, allowing that player to still gain promotion points for their DoomTroopers while foiling the schemes of the other players.

The game will also support solo and fully cooperative gameplay.


Two new Mindjammer Adventures available


April 12th, 2016

Modiphius has released two new Mindjammer Adventures;

The City People takes players aboard the Maggie (full name, The Magnanimous Intervention) as they head out to recently-rediscovered colony world. What sort of strange adventures await on this formerly cut-off world? What sort of dark dealings could be going on?

Meanwhile, Dominion has your characters join up with the SCI-Force (the Security and Cultural Integrity Instrumentality) to visit the border between the New Commonality of Humankind and the Sentient Alliance. The worlds there are still steeped in Cold War (between those two factions, not the US and Russia, specifically) prejudices. You must go and help smooth over relations, lest the cold war turn hot.

Mindjammer_-_DOMINION_QUICKSTART_-_cover_page_bb1a4743-af8e-4cd4-948b-1c6f4331ba8a  The_City_People_cover_9f2d08eb-5b6e-4c22-8012-5e05a44fd152

Mutant Chronicles Brotherhood source book available

brotherhood source book

March 13th, 2016

In the Brotherhood Source book, Mutant Chronicles fans will discover the secrets of the Brotherhood, founded to unite mankind against the encroaching Darkness, it stands between the worlds of humanity and the malign power of the Dark Soul. The Cardinal’s influence can be found in all walks of life, and while the corporations may resent some of the Brotherhood’s edicts, the war for mankind’s salvation is the only priority.

  • Blessed Brothers: What makes a person join the Brotherhood? Discover the scale and breadth of this massive organisation, large enough to rival the mega corporations, and the range of people who spend their lives serving the Cardinal’s Calling.
  • Mystical Power: Master the secrets of the Art, the powers of the Light, and learn about the people who wield that power.
  • The Chronicles: Learn about the history of the Brotherhood, from their origins during the Dark Symmetry era, through to the present day, and uncover the Brotherhood’s darkest secrets.
  • Character Creation: Expanded rules for the backgrounds and professions unique to the Brotherhood, with rules for how a character from any background can join the Brotherhood?

Airfix Battles wargame available to pre-order


January 25th, 2015

Airfix is well known in the hobby industry for scale military figures and vehicle model kits, designed to be built, painted and admired. Through Modiphius Entertainment, they have now introduced their very own miniatures game that you can use these models for.

Airfix Battles, Introductory Wargame is a  fast and fun introductory wargame playable with all your Airfix figures and vehicles. Airfix Battles comes with everything you need to play exciting World War Two battles straight out of the box including die cut cardboard counters for tanks, infantry and guns in case you don’t have any figures to hand.

Airfix Battles lets you plan your army using the Force Deck. Draw the cards or select the ones you need to build an exciting army to challenge your friends. Set up the battle using step by step instructions in the Mission book and you’re ready to play. Each player has a hand of Command Cards to move and fight their forces, or bring in artillery support.

Dust Adventures Core RPG book available

dust adventures

November 16th, 2015

DUST Adventures RPG Core Rule Book is available now from Modiphius Entertainment.

DUST Adventures is a rules-light exciting roleplaying game set in Paolo Parente’s DUST Universe and inspired by the epic tales arising from the DUST Tactics miniatures game.

From the mind of Paolo Parente comes the world of Dust. Another Earth. A different 1947. The Second World War has raged for nearly a decade and its grip has spread to every continent on the planet. War has advanced swiftly and strangely in the Dust universe through the application of Alien VK technology a limitless source of energy in its simplest form, and an unthinkable weapon in the wrong hands. Tanks have evolved into powerful combat walkers and rocket troops take to the skies. The latest laser cannons, phasers, and Tesla weapons rule the battlefield.

The core book features:

– Lots of never-before-seen information on the DUST universe – 216 pages of adventure!
– Full roleplaying rules using the DUST dice (or just six-sided dice) including simple character generation for classic archetypes such as soldiers, adventurers and scientists
– Guidance on how to run exciting roleplaying adventures in the DUST universe
– Details of new and existing organisations that the players can be working for or facing in the field
– How to use vehicles and walkers in your games
– Tons of plot seeds and much more
– Introductory Adventure, the prequel to Operation Apocalypse!
– Use any of your DUST miniatures in the roleplaying game