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New Orc Mechanic Available from Kromlech


Oct 6, 2017

Kromlech have released their new 28mm Orc Mechanic. An Orc handyman ready to fix every kind of technical problem. That guy has a lot of work!

This set contains one resin Orc Mechanic miniature with plastic 25mm base. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.

Fantasy Football teams available at Flatminis as 2D plastic miniatures


December 9th, 2016

Flatminis released orc and human fantasy football teams as their 2D preprinted plastic miniatures.

You can find all essential characters for both teams, each miniature with its own distinct features and character.

These minis sound like a great way to try the new game or explore new teams before deciding if you really want to own them. Plus there are so much more at www.flatminis.com to fill the ranks with.

Kromlech Releases New Orc Incinerator Team


July 11th, 2016

Are there any Orc fans here?! If yes, then Kromlech has something for you; A new release and it’s bloody hot!

Introducing the new Orc Incinerator Team in 28mm.

This set contains five fearless Orc Incinerator Team armed in flamers. Inside a pack you will find 5 orc armoured greatcoat bodies designed for this team with a set of bits dedicated for each body. There is also a set of 5 heads which you can glue as you wish among those bodies.

Orc Terrain deal from LaserCutCard


January 26th, 2015

LaserCutCard is offering an entire table’s worth of orc scenery at a great price. Just the thing for gaming clubs or competition organisers.

The bundle offer includes:

1 expanded orc fort
• 1 x gatehouse set
• 1 x wall sections set
• 2 x towers sets

1 orc bastion
• 1 x orc bastion set

1 expanded orc settlement
• 2 x orc scrap shack sets (6 shacks in total)
• 2 x orc boss huts
• 1 x mek hut
• 1 x water tower
• 1 x watchtower set (2 watchtowers)

New Orc Biker Heads available from MaxMini


June 28th, 2013

MaxMini gives you more options for your models with their new Orc Biker Heads, now available.

Orc Bikers heads (10) €5.99 This kit contains 10 head swaps for orc biker gangers. Supplied unpainted.

New Orc/Chaos Artillery Piece available from LaserCutCard


June 20th, 2013

LaserCutCard  is proud to announce the release of two new kits – heavy artillery for orcs and chaos. This is a new type of kit for LaserCutCard. It combines MDF, card and plastic tubing to create something that no single material could do on its own.

The basic artillery chassis and barrel is the same for all versions: each type has a details sheet that has a custom shield plus some faction-specific details to add to the rest of the gun. The barrels can also be built in various lengths and configurations.

The kit, if assembled carefully, has working mechanisms for raising and lowering the gun and the gun can freely swivel on its base plate.

The gun components can be kept separate for ease of storage. You do not have to glue the gun to the base plate… it can be used to add firepower to your vehicle models too. Both versions are available singly or in packs of 3.

Mantic taking advance orders for new Orcs for Kings of War


June 20th, 2013

Mantic Orcs have been a popular range ever since they were released two years ago, and now they’re getting a boost! As well as the Trolls, Chariot and Fight Wagon that are being released, the Orc Ax Horde has now been repackaged to contain 40 models rather than 30 – for the same price! Yes, that’s more models for the exact same price. Refreshing, right?

There are also two Orc Army Deals available through the Mantic Website, both of which give you a full gaming army. Grak’s Skulltaker Horde is a full 1800 point army for only £149.99!

It’s going to be a great Summer for Kings of War players; this is just the start…

Kromlech releases new Orc Spitfire Assault Speeder


April 30th, 2013

Kromlech release their new Spitfire Assault Speeder for your Orcish sci-fi armies.

The late spring is finally here (well, in Poland at least), so time to dust off your shades and roll out with style. The louder and more ostenatious, the better. Check out this green git chilling his elbow and making sure that if by any chance someone does not hear the engine of his plane, they will notice the bang of the mortar shell exploding on their head.

We are happy to announce the release of our third orcish vehicle kit- the “Spitfire” Assault Speeder.