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Flip Ships Coming Summer 2017 from Renegade Game Studios


March 20th, 2017

It was an ambush. That’s the only way to describe it. The mother ship appeared out of nowhere, creating a massive shadow over the city. Within seconds, wave after wave of fighters poured out of it, filling the sky.

We’re launching the ships we have ready, but it isn’t much. Our pilots fight bravely, defending the planet, while we ready the rest of the fleet. Explosions fill the sky, and we’ve taken some hits, but we won’t give up. Will you?

Flip Ships is a cooperative dexterity game for 1-4 players being published by Renegade Game Studios where players take on the roles of brave pilots defending their planet from an onslaught of firepower. Flip your ships to take out the encroaching enemies, and to take down the powerful mother ship before it’s too late.

Shiba Inu House releasing in March from Renegade Game Studios

shinaba inu house

February 3rd, 2017

In Shiba Inu House, releasing March 2017 from Renegade Game Studios, players race to place cards properly in order to create dog houses for the shiba inu that match the patterns shown on their goal cards. After eight rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

Shiba Inu loves sitting on the roof, staring at the sea, imagining that his master will make him a new dog house, imagining that there will be pork chops for lunch. Wait! Did someone just say pork chops? Shiba Inu is now drooling and jumping up and down on his roof…


  • Create the correct house for your dog to win!
  • Builds pattern recognition skills as part of a fast and fun game!
  • Incredibly quick to learn and play!
  • Adorable artwork from talented Aza Chen!

Number of Players: 1-5
For Ages: 6+
Playing Time: 15-30 Minutes
MSRP: $20.00

Honshu coming to North America from Renegade Game Studios


January 7th, 2017

Renegade Game Studios has partnered with Lautapelit.fi to release a Honshu, a city building card game, in North America.

Honshu is a map-building card game set in feudal Japan. Players are lords and ladies of noble houses seeking new lands and opportunities for fame and fortune.

One game of Honshu lasts twelve rounds, and each round is divided into two phases. First, map cards are played in a trick, and the player who played the highest valued card gets to pick first from those cards played. Then the players use the map cards picked to expand their personal maps. Each player must expand their personal maps to maximize their scoring possibilities. Manipulating your position in the player order is crucial for mastering Honshu.

Look for Honshu at friendly local game stores in North America and online.  Honshu takes about 30-40 minutes to play and is for 2-5 players ages 8+.

Renegade Game Studios announces Lotus


August 16th, 2016

Lotus is a beautiful looking game coming out soon from Renegade Game Studios. Expected to be on store shelves by September 21st, with online retailers getting it a week later.

Clear your head and take in the quiet strength of the Lotus garden. It takes skillful care and nurturing to grow these flowers to their full potential, but once picked, they provide their owner with wisdom. Beware, for there are others who will do anything they can to get their hands on these mystical flowers. You’ll need to enlist the help of creatures native to this land to take control of the Lotus garden and achieve true enlightenment.

Lotus is for 2-4 players ages 8+, and should play in 20-40 minutes with an expected retail price of $30

Digital version of Lanterns coming soon


March 29th, 2016

Renegade Game Studios, the premier publisher of innovative games is pleased to announce a partnership with Dire Wolf Digital to bring high quality board games to the digital space.

The first title under the new partnership is Lanterns: The Harvest Festival which will be released on mobile devices later this year. A store locator within the app will direct players to local brick and mortar stores where they can find the physical version of the game.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a tile placement game set in imperial China. Players act as artisans decorating the palace lake with floating lanterns. The artisan who earns the most honor before the festival begins wins the game.

Lanterns’ elegant and engaging gameplay by designer Christopher Chung features a unique perspective-based mechanic that forces players to balance the benefits they receive from placing tiles with the benefits they give to the their opponents. This deceptively simple gameplay lends itself brilliantly to the digital space.

Brick Party comes to North America


February 11th, 2016

Renegade Game Studios has entered into a partnership with Italian publisher Post Scriptum to publish their hit, Brick Party in North America.

Are you better at building with plastic bricks… or explaining how to do it? What if you have to build with your eyes closed or using only one hand? What if you must explain it without speaking? Can you still be faster than your opponents?

 BRICK PARTY is the funny and frenzied game of crazy building! Reveal the special rule for the round, choose your teammate, and get ready.  Then grab the blocks and build the shape you choose faster than the others! And in the next round? A new special rule, new partners, and new shapes… for a game that’s never boring!

Look for Brick Party to hit stores in early summer 2016.  Brick Party will have an MSRP of $25. Each game takes about 15-30 minutes to play and is for 2-9 players ages 5+.

The game will be featured at the GAMA Trade Show on the Renegade booth in March and available for pre-order at the show.

Renegade Game Studios and Knapsack Games enter Co Publishing agreement

renegade game studio

July 24th, 2015

Renegade Game Studios and Knapsack Games are joining together.

Renegade will now co-publish the games created by Knapsack Games. Currently, there’s Knee Jerk: The Party Game and the other coming soon is Apotheca.

Renegade Game Studio President, Scott Gaeta, has said, “We are really excited to be working with Andrew and his team at Knapsack Games. Andrew is an innovative designer with fresh ideas and we couldn’t be more pleased to be working with him.”

Meanwhile, Knapsack Games Founder Andrew Federspiel is quoted as saying, “We are pumped to join Renegade’s stable of high quality games. Scott is poised to make Renegade the next great game publisher, and we are stoked to be along for the ride!”

Expect Knee Jerk to be available this August from Renegade’s distributors in North America. Meanwhile, Apotheca will be coming to stores in Summer of 2016.


March 20th, 2015

Renegade Game Studios™ has obtained the rights to publish Snow Tails from designers Gordon and Fraser Lamont.

Set in the snowy world of the Arctic Circle, where brave sledders compete in a test of skill and endurance. Action is fast and furious and not all sleds may make it to the finish. Huskies only have one setting and that is full speed!

The game contains modular track pieces that can be fitted together to form different courses. Players have their own Dog Decks that they draw from and play onto their sled mat. Movement is rarely in a straight line as the sled may drift left or right. Losing control or speeding into a corner results in Dent cards being acquired which will limit a player’s hand size. The game features a fun and original movement mechanism.

“I am very pleased to be working with Gordon and Fraser on Snow Tails,” says Renegade President Scott Gaeta. “It’s one of the best racing games we’ve ever played and are really excited to be able to make it available again.”

The game is getting brand new artwork by the talented Beth Sobel. Renegade plans on supporting the game with events at major conventions and in hobby game stores.

“Snow Tails is one of our favourite designs. It is a game that we never tire of playing. The design process was enormous fun from start to finish. Fragor is delighted to have Snow Tails back in print and we are enormously impressed with the enthusiasm of Scott and Renegade Game Studios for the project. We can’t wait for the new edition !”
– Gordon Lamont, Fragor Games

Look for Snow Tails to hit stores in August 2015 and available to demo at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas this coming March. Snow Tails is for 2-5 Players ages 10+ and takes 45-60 Minutes to play.

Snow Tails was originally launched by the designers with Fragor Games at Spieltage 2008 in Essen. It went on to either win or be nominated for 9 different awards including several prestigious game of the year nominations.
Snow Tails won The Dice Tower, Best Small Publisher Game and Best New Board Game from the UK Games Expo Awards.
Snow Tails is currently rated one of the top 100 Family Games on Board Game Geek.