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FFG Announces Unbreakable Bonds Expansion for Runebound 3rd Edition

July 31, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the Unbreakable Bonds expansion for Runebound Third Edition is now available!

With new heroes, scenarios, and forms of gameplay, as well as a wide variety of new asset and skill cards, this expansion offers players hours of enhanced gameplay to unite and pursue glory!

Unbreakable Bonds unites two new heroes of the Runebound universe. The famous elven warrior Eliam is renowned for the lightning speed of his twin blades and the cruel joy he takes in destroying his enemies. But despite his fame, the bold adventurer must constantly seek high-paying quests to fund his lavish lifestyle. Meanwhile Tatianna, the master huntress, seeks fortune not for herself, but to ensure the survival of her tribe. These unlikely allies must come together to face adversaries more powerful than any they have encountered.

The Mountains Rise in Runebound

September 10th, 2016

The Mountains Rise scenario pack for Runebound from Fantasy Flight Games offers new cards that can be incorporated into any existing scenario to dramatically change the flavor and feel. Fifteen new adventure cards (five per deck) introduce new enemies, events, and quests while twenty new asset cards and ten new skill cards give you dozens of new ways to customize your hero. Many of these new assets come with new combat tokens, some of which introduce new combat symbols to the game—ensuring that your Runebound battles will never be the same. Finally, you’ll gain an entirely new hero—Nanok of the Blade, a warrior who eschews armor in favor of the pure thrill of battle.

The Fall of the Dark Star in Runebound has come.

September 9th, 2016

The coming of the dark star has long been foretold among the dark prophets of Terrinoth. When it falls, they say, an age of darkness will overtake the world, and its coming shall be heralded by a rain of dark shards that corrupt every stout and honorable soul. This dark and corrupted Terrinoth becomes the focus of your struggle to survive with the Fall of the Dark Star Scenario Pack.

Like other Scenario Packs from Fantasy Flight Games, Fall of the Dark Star introduces an entirely new scenario to your games of Runebound, offering a substantially different experience with thirty new adventure cards: ten for each of the three archetypes. You may battle a Starborn Specter or travel to the Howling Valley in search of a fallen dark shard, but no matter where you go a new deck of story cards continues to raise the stakes as you search for the dark shards that fall from the heavens. Finally, you’ll find an entirely new hero, Zyla, a being from the Aenlong realm whose otherworldly powers have led her to become a hero of Terrinoth.

Two new expansions for Runebound

June 8th, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce two new expansions for Runebound: Fall of the Dark Star and The Mountains Rise!

New dangers have arisen to imperil the realm of Terrinoth. A dark star has been seen in the sky above, causing even close friends and allies to turn on each other without warning and fight to the death. In the wild places, craggy mountains, and primeval forests, fell beasts are rising, eager to kill and savage with bloodlust. In these deadly times, real heroes are in short supply—but maybe a few still have the power to save the realm.

Fall of the Dark Star and The Mountains Rise fall into two separate categories: one Scenario Pack and one Adventure Pack. Fall of the Dark Star is a new Scenario Pack that introduces an entirely new scenario along with thirty new adventure cards and a new ten-card story deck that correspond to the new scenario. The Mountains Rise, on the other hand, is an Adventure Pack that can be added to any scenario with new adventure cards, assets, and skills. Each expansion also includes new combat tokens and a new hero, giving you new ways to experience Terrinoth every time you play!

Two new Runebound expansions

May 2nd, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce two new Runebound expansions: Caught in a Web and The Gilded Blade!

The world of Terrinoth is a vibrant realm of adventure and danger. Anything can happen, and the actions of a few fearless heroes can change the fate of the entire nation. In every game of Runebound, you and your fellow players become fearless heroes, adventuring across the land, gaining new skills and assets, and testing your might against an intractable evil. You decide the path your hero follows—where your steps will take you, what challenges you’ll undertake, and what kind of hero you want to become. Now, with two new expansions for Runebound, you have even more options to decide your hero’s path and experience the world of Terrinoth. 

These two expansions fall into distinct categories. Caught in a Web is a Scenario Pack, introducing an entirely new scenario with new adventure cards for combat, exploration, and social encounters and a new deck of story cards to drive the scenario forward. The Gilded Blade, on the other hand, is an Adventure Pack, and adds more replayability to every scenario. Here, you’ll find new asset and skill cards, giving you entirely new ways to customize your heroes, while new adventure cards can be used to change the flavor of any scenario. With a new hero and brand-new combat tokens in both of these expansions, you’ll be able to experience more of Terrinoth in every game of Runebound.

Runebound available now from FFG

November 19th, 2015

Runebound , a fantasy adventure board game, is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. Learn more about the game with tons of flavor text from their website.

A land of endless adventure opens before you. There are monsters to slay in the dark places of the world and dangerous quests that have never yet been attempted. You have the unparalleled chance to forge your story into a legend that will be told with fear and awe for hundreds of years. Choose your path and carve your name into the annals of Terrinoth

Every game of Runebound sets up to 4 players as heroes in the fantasy realm of Terrinoth.  The player who destroys the enemy wins the game, but if no one manages to successfully defeat the enemy, all players lose the game together. Along the way, you’ll find opportunity to customize your hero in numerous ways.

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