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Save The Day Advanced Rulebook released for Save the Day Super Powered RPG

Nov 29, 2017

The New Save the Day Advanced Rulebook is an attempt to expand the options available with Save the Day Super Powered RPG and let you create a character without the limits of Origin and Class.

This book also provides a system of tweaking existing powers to make them more individual and unique. Characters can be fine-tuned with Tweaks that broaden the powers available to players and GMs.

Rules are presented to help create consistent Gear and Vehicles as well as robots and hidden bases. Real-world examples are also described in game terms to help players and GMs better imagine the scale and range of the items described in the game system. This may contradict some of the examples available in the Basic Rulebook so use the Advanced Rules and the upcoming Gear books as a guide as they are more accurate. A discussion of Gear items as plot devices wraps up the Gear chapter.

Finally, guidelines for running more free-form “theatre of the mind” campaigns are presented to help you transcend the game table with only the power of your imagination to drive your story.

Okumarts Games Release Local Heroes Paper Minis for Save the Day RPG

August 16, 2017

Local Heroes have arrived for your game table from Okumarts Games!

This set provides print and play first responder paper minis for the Save the Day RPG and they are perfect for any other superhero/modern RPG. Lots of bonus minis including protesters and riot cops are available in this set.

OkumArts Games launches Save the Day superhero RPG for Kids

April 19th, 2015

Okumarts Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Save the Day, their new superhero RPG.

Save the Day is a rules light superhero role playing game designed with kids in mind, without ignoring the demands of seasoned gamers. Save the Day uses a system developed for the ENnie Nominated Katana Schoolgirls vs Zombie Furries, Snowball Wars and Kickstarter-funded Darkfast Dungeons. It’s designed to emulate comic book action and allows for lightning-quick character creation. With the Advanced Edition greater detail and customization allows the players and game master a chance to create any hero they can imagine. Designed and created by two time nominated ENnie Award artist and writer David Okum, Save the Day is sure to please comic book fans and gamers alike.