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Save The Day Advanced Rulebook released for Save the Day Super Powered RPG

Nov 29, 2017

The New Save the Day Advanced Rulebook is an attempt to expand the options available with Save the Day Super Powered RPG and let you create a character without the limits of Origin and Class.

This book also provides a system of tweaking existing powers to make them more individual and unique. Characters can be fine-tuned with Tweaks that broaden the powers available to players and GMs.

Rules are presented to help create consistent Gear and Vehicles as well as robots and hidden bases. Real-world examples are also described in game terms to help players and GMs better imagine the scale and range of the items described in the game system. This may contradict some of the examples available in the Basic Rulebook so use the Advanced Rules and the upcoming Gear books as a guide as they are more accurate. A discussion of Gear items as plot devices wraps up the Gear chapter.

Finally, guidelines for running more free-form “theatre of the mind” campaigns are presented to help you transcend the game table with only the power of your imagination to drive your story.

DC Comics return to Dice Masters with Worlds Finest

February 20th, 2016

WizKids is pleased to announce that Power Girl™, Clark Kent™, Batgirl™, and a slew of additional DC Comics favorites will be coming to the Dice Masters universe this March with the release of the DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest set. This exciting new set in the Dice Masters tabletop dice-battling game series is sure to please fans of DC Comic’s favorite heroes, along with Dice Masters newcomers and veterans. More than 30 heroes, villains, and multiple new gameplay mechanics are sure to please Dice Masters fans!

DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest features more than 30 fan favorites from a variety of World’s Finest heroes and villains including Commissioner Gordon™, Lois Lane™, Krypto™, and more! With gameplay that supports two players in epic dice battles, you can create your own fights between Batman™ and Mr. Freeze™, Superman™ and Bizarro™, or Batgirl and The Riddler™!

Knight Models to release a new 35mm Dr Doom to their Marvel lineup

September 6th, 2014

Knight Models have a large, and growing, list of Marvel Heroes in 35mm in their webstore.  They haven’t just been focusing on heroes however as the villainous Dr Doom is joining their lineup soon!

They are releasing a new 35mm Dr Doom in his typical plate-style armour with bright green cloak, standing in a menacing pose ready to plan evil.