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Victoria Miniatures Releases the Sledgehammer BFG

August 1, 2017

The mighty Sledgehammer BFG Multi part styrene plastic and ‘Bones’ boxed kit, is now available for the Victoria Miniatures Online store.

Later this year this kit will also be available from Reaper Miniatures and some Reaper stockists.
This huge cannon kit includes:
Plastic (hard styrene) cannon
‘Bones’ plastic crew
Round plastic bases for crew
Large oval plastic base for cannon
Presentation packaging
Cannon designed and sculpted by Jake Schneider, Crew by Victoria Lamb.
Resin edition crew and upgrade accessory kits available from Victoria Miniatures.

New Van Diemen’s World Devils Squads Available from Victoria Miniatures

June 22, 2017

New in the Victoria Miniatures online store is the freshly re-booted Van Diemen’s World Devils 10 Man Squad and 5 Man Squad.

These now have Bush Backpacks and Bush Knives, making them even better value than ever.

They are also pictured with the upcoming Laser Carbines by Jake Schneider, these will be available for all the Galaxy’s Fines Squads in a few weeks.


Rausenburg Siege Corps released by Victoria Miniatures

February 2nd, 2017

Victoria Miniatures are very pleased to announce the Boys of the Rausenburg Siege Corps, 10 and 5 Man Squads join their Female Comrades.

New bits include Male Greatcoat legs Mk2, Male Greatcoat Torsos, Victorian Backpacks and the Male Officer Sprue.

Also a sneak peak of some more great work from Jake Schneider, The ‘Howling Wolf Siege Howitzer’, a conversion kit for the Sledgehammer BFG.

Victoria Miniatures new releases this week

November 19th, 2016

Victoria Miniatures are pleased to announced a few new releases this week.

First up are Male and Female Universal Winter Rifle arms. These have shoulder plates and heavy gloves and are perfect for great coat troops.

Also new Bush Backpacks, which can be added to any Male or Female troops.

For commanders of Victorian Guard, the old favorite, Captain Caine is now available in resin. This replaces the metal version.
A Bugler conversion kit also hits the store this week.



Victoria Miniatures Female Victorian Guard Now Available

November 8th, 2016

The Victoria Miniatures Female Victorian Guard are now available, as well as individual components, Female Victorian Torsos, and Female Pith Helmet Heads.

The popular Victorian Guard are all available as Universal Squads, this means you can choose whatever Victoria Miniatures weapons you would like to equip your squads with, or you can use plastic weapons from other troops.

And for those looking for some gribbly hybrid heads, the Cthood Alien Heads are now back in stock.

December 15th, 2014

Victoria Miniatures has a bunch of new releases available.

They’ve got new sets of arms, with their roll-sleeve universal male arms. They’ve got Van Diemen’s World Devils squad (a rather Australian-looking lot). They’ve got 2 new torso styles. They’ve got new backpacks! Go personalize your forces.

breadbags highland-hw-crew male-empty-arms trench-raider-torsos2 victoria miniatures dec release winter-torsos


Victoria Miniatures Universal Empty Rifle Arms, and new “Chose your Weapon” squads.

December 3rd, 2014

Victoria Miniatures are very pleased to announce the Male and Female Universal rifle arms and Universal Arcadian Squads..

These will come in 5 Man and 5 Woman Squads, as well as 10 Man and 10 Woman versions. These take the flexibility of Victoria Miniatures troops to a whole new level. So, if you were wanting a squad of five female snipers, 5 fusion gunners or a veteran squad armed with AK style Auto guns the possibilities are unlimited. Of course the original Arcadian Rifles Squads will also remain in production.

New Weapons, Torsos and Riot Shields from Victoria Miniatures

October 15th, 2014

Following hot on the heels of last week’s Heavy Artillery release Victoria Miniatures is very happy to present a great new wave of Victoria Miniatures hand weapons sculpted by Jake Schneider.

This release includes a terrific new digital version of their Fusion Gun, plus a Bolt pistol, Chain Swords, Sabres and Laser Gun Mk3. This is a pistol grip adaption of Laser Rifle Mk1. There is a set of gun sights that can be added to these weapons, As well as a very nice guard sized Riot Shield.  Empty rifle arms are on the way in a near future release that will fit all these cool new rifles.

Also this week are two new additions for the Torso Range. The Highland Guard now have a special Highland Torso sprue and the Border World Rangers have new Ranger Torsos which have cloaks attached.

Hand-Weapons Ranger-Torsos Riot-shield