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Pandemic Rising Tide Now Available!


Dec 23, 2017

Prepare for a battle with the sea itself. With the threat of flooding from North Sea storms and overflowing rivers constantly looming over the Netherlands, you and your team have been chosen to construct a modern hydraulic system that will keep the ever-encroaching waters at bay. To succeed, you’ll first need to control the flow of water and keep it from spilling too far across the countryside. But storms are brewing and the sea is restless. Gather your team and fight the tide. Pandemic: Rising Tide is on sale now from Z-Man Games!

Combining elements of the classic cooperative Pandemic experience with unique new mechanics, Pandemic: Rising Tide immerses you in a thrilling battle against the elements. During the game, you join the long line of Dutch pump operators, port masters, hydraulic engineers, and other water control experts who have kept the Netherlands safe from flooding for centuries.


‘Smile’ Now Available from Z-Man Games


Dec 9, 2017

Deep in the dark forest, cute critters gather ‘round, waiting for you to give them what they crave. Some of these devious creatures will try to fool you. Some will butt heads and scurry back into the trees. Others will stay no matter what. Gather your fireflies and see if you can lure the best ones to your side.

Smile, available now from Z-Man Games, invites three to five players to enter the woods and hunt for the cute critters that live there. Tempted by the juicy fireflies that you carry, the critters just might come and join you…if you offer them more fireflies than your friends, that is!

Lurking in Smile’s deck of fifty cards are critters ranging in value from -5 to 6 and it’s up to you to gather the group worth the most points. During each of the game’s ten rounds, you have the chance to attract valuable critters to your side by bidding your fireflies. Placing fireflies on the critter with the lowest value will keep you in the running for the more valuable critters, but these tasty bugs go quickly if you’re not careful. You can always back out of a round and collect a card with at least one firefly on it. The fireflies you collect this way are yours to spend in later rounds, but the cards you take this way could deduct points from your score. Play carefully to make sure you have enough fireflies when you really need them!


Remastered Through The Desert Available Now From Z-Man Games


Nov 25, 2017

Fortune awaits across the sweeping sand dunes of Northern Africa. For centuries, Tuareg merchants have established and maintained trade through the brutal conditions of the Sahara Desert. Now, you can return to this harsh environment and forge your own path through the shifting sands. The remastered version of Reiner Knizia’s Through the Desert  is available now!

With a compelling premise and simple gameplay that allows for great strategic depth, Through the Desert makes an excellent addition to the Euro Classics line of games. True to form, the remastered version of the game maintains the classic experience of the original game while offering updated visuals and additional gameplay options.

The desert encompasses the entire board during every game of Through the Desert, presenting an opportunity to any merchant brave enough to cross its sands. The spices, wheat, gold, salt, and other goods carried across these vast expanses help connect West and North Africa and ensure the survival of the Tuareg tribes that transport them.


Bastion Available Now from Z-Man Games


Nov 22, 2017

The enemy has arrived at the gates!
You are the last line of defense against the endless hordes of monsters that now line the outer walls of the citadel.
Mount the walls and muster your courage.

Bastion is on sale now from Z-Man Games!

Combining aspects of popular tower defense video games with the tactile feel of a cooperative board game, Bastion puts you in the middle of an all-out onslaught from beasts, arch mages, dragons, and all manner of legendary creatures. The tension mounts every game as new foes arrive and slowly advance along the bastion’s walls.

To face this threat, Bastion unites one to four heroes in a desperate struggle against the forces of darkness. During the game, you become one of the few with the ability to harness the power of the magical sources found throughout the fortress and repel the invaders back from whence they came. With new monsters arriving every turn, you must travel around the castle districts, generate mana from sources, and attack enemies along the wall. Above all, Bastion is a cooperative adventure, so you must work together with your teammates if you want any hope of surviving this assault.


Z-Man Games Announces Agents of Venice Expansion for Voyages of Marco Polo


Nov 6, 2017

Marco Polo returns home in the first expansion to the 2015 hit The Voyages of Marco Polo in the new expansion, Agents of Venice.

This expansion adds two new modules that create more opportunities for you to become a renowned trader, as well as components to add a fifth player to the game. Additionally, you will also find more of everything that made The Voyages of Marco Polo a smash hit: new contracts, new city cards, new goal cards, and five new characters. Return to the thirteenth century and begin a new journey!

Whether played alone with the base game or together, the modules found in Agents of Venice provide you with new options to explore and even more ground to cover. Embark on a new journey and build your fortune!

Return to the Silk Road and become a master trader. The Agents of Venice Expansion is set to be released in early 2018. 

Z-Man Announces Fields of Arle: Tea & Trade Expansion


Oct 21, 2017

Z-Man Games is happy to announce the Tea & Trade expansion for the Uwe Rosenberg game of working the land in Northern Germany!

It’s always tea time in East Frisia. No one in the world drinks as much tea as the people of this small German region bordering the North Sea. Tea is so popular in the region that the locals have defied the efforts of rulers who have tried to replace it with local beverages like beer.

Soon you’ll be able to bring the national beverage of East Frisia to your games of Fields of Arle. 


Z-Man Announces Mini Expansion for A Feast For Odin


Oct 19, 2017

In their day, the Vikings were known throughout the world as strong seafarers and renowned explorers. They led expeditions far and wide in search of new resources and territories, even reaching North America long before Columbus.

Driven by crop shortfalls in their native lands, the Vikings took to the sea to seek out these new lands and their bountiful resources. They then led raids to capture these resources and secure a financially stable position in society.

Now you can boldly seek out new lands as you build your fortune with the first mini-expansion for the critically-acclaimed A Feast for Odin!

This mini-expansion introduces two new exploration boards into A Feast for Odin, providing more options than ever before. Send your Vikings to the archipelago of Lofoten, the Orkney Islands, or as far south Tierra del Fuego and discover all-new possibilities that await there.

Each of these lands unlocks more chances for you to score points, obtain new bonuses, and generate additional income if you can fill them with the goods you have plundered. Additionally, the Orkney exploration board features a new bonus: a weapon card that can boost your hunting or trading efforts.

Choose your destination and discover your reward!

All that stands between you and lands rich with resources is the dark and dangerous sea. Will you push into the unknown? Your saga continues in the first mini-expansion for A Feast for Odin!



Z-Man Games Announces a New Edition of Kingsburg


Sept 23, 2017

A coveted seat on King Tritus’ Royal Council has become available and you — a loyal servant of the realm — are the perfect person to take it over. Just think of all the power and prestige such a position would bring! But what’s this? Other would-be royal councilors are also competing for the king’s favor? It would appear the only way to take your rightful seat on the Council will be to build the best province you possibly can. It’s a good thing that the king’s advisors are easily influenced…

Z-Man Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new edition of Kingsburg, a game of city building and courtly intrigue for two to five players!

In every game of Kingsburg, you are free to construct your province as you see fit and this definitive edition offers more choices than ever before. Containing the base game, all five modules from the To Forge a Realm expansion, and the brand-new Alternate Advisor Rewards module, you will have more options than ever before!