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Z-Man Introduces Race to the New Found Land


April 22, 2018

In the age of discovery, sailors risk life and limb to cross the vast and stormy Atlantic ocean in search of new territory. Compete to claim the riches of a new land for your country.

Dare to venture across the shifting seas! Pre-order your copy of Race to the New Found Land from your local retailer or Z-Man Games.

Sail your country’s fleet onward to the new land. Though a quick ship will get you there first, other ships can carry more cargo, settlers, or are better equipped for exploring the new world—you’ll want to diversify if you seek true riches. Upgrade your port, enlarging your shipyard and gaining an additional bonus unique to your country. Choose your ships and upgrades strategically to outmaneuver your opponents. Spend your hard-earned commodities to upgrade your fleet. Small ships are easier to build, but large ships will immediately score additional points. Larger ships can also be faster and carry more cargo or people.

Keep an eye on your opponents as they gather resources. Each order can only be fulfilled once, and you don’t want to lose out on a big payday just because your opponent beat you to it. Extra supplies mean extra orders! Each ship with supplies can sail to deliver the required items to different cities, netting you even more victory points. Will you win the race to the New Found Land?

Move settlers, sell valuable cargo, and discover new resources in the race to become the most influential power in this burgeoning new land.

Z-Man Games Taking Preorders for Taj Mahal


April 14, 2018

Travel back to India at the height of the Mogul Empire, and join the Grand Mogul as he tours across the twelve provinces. Compete for the Grand Mogul’s approval, the loyalty of his advisors, and the wealth of the provinces. The court is yours to influence, and the future of India is within your grasp. You can now Pre-order your copy of Taj Mahal from Z-Man Games.

India has progressed and prospered, but that wealth could collapse at any moment. Instability and unrest plague the courts with petty concerns tearing the people apart. The Grand Mogul desperately seeks new leaders to carry India into a new age. Play your cards right and seize the opportunity to win the Grand Mogul’s favor as he tours across the beautiful provinces of India.

But beware! You aren’t the only one competing to seize power. As you travel with the Grand Mogul to the many beautiful provinces of India, keep an eye on your opponents. Pick your battles carefully and strategically time your withdrawal to claim your influence of particular members of court or save your cards for future confrontations.

Some provinces are richer opportunities than others, with bonus tokens and desirable commodities. You don’t want to be left without the means to influence the court at a more desirable new province. Strategically saving your influence cards could lead to victory in the best provinces.

A carefully placed word or the right gesture and the members of court will be at your feet. While touring each province, you must carefully spread your influence to master the dance of intrigue and defeat your opponents who are also seeking the court’s favor.

To influence the court, select a card from your hand and place it faceup in front of you. You may start ambitiously, playing a card with the Grand Mogul’s symbol on it to draw out other player’s cards. The next player can choose to spread their influence to the Grand Mogul as well, matching your influence, or they can play a card with a different symbol, going after other members of court or control of the province itself.

You must continue to spread your influence with cards that have the same background color. A yellow card can’t be played once you have started your influence with red, for example. Once you have spread as much influence as you can or as much as you choose to, you withdraw. For each member of the court you have influenced more than your opponents, you claim the corresponding tokens.


The world of Carcassonne expands with new characters: The Count, King and Robber


April 3, 2018

Return to France again with the sixth expansion for the legendary Carcassonneavailable for pre-order from Z-Man Games  or from your local retailer.

New characters and starting points provide a fresh start for the classic tile-laying game. Choose to begin your adventure with the grand city itself, Carcassonne. Or wander along the edges of a new, winding river. Combine the new river tiles with those from the base game for a more complex river design.


Will you be a benevolent ruler? Only a king can rule the largest city. Help your kingdom grow and claim the crown. The new king tile grants bonus points to the holder of the largest city. Want to travel a different path? Journey the land, mapping out the roadways and claiming the longest road for bonus points with the robber.


The city of Carcassonne has four main areas: the castle, market, cathedral, and blacksmith. The mysterious count starts in the castle but can manipulate the districts as he moves around the city. When adding a follower to the city, you can sway the count and move him to a different district. Think carefully with your placement. The count’s location in a new district frees trapped followers for future turns while also blocking other followers from moving.


Explore a new role with the heretics. Challenge the monks by building shrines and disrupting the monastery. When placing a shrine adjacent to an occupied monastery, a challenge occurs. Race to complete your feature and take the precious points for yourself.


Pandemic Rising Tide Now Available!


Dec 23, 2017

Prepare for a battle with the sea itself. With the threat of flooding from North Sea storms and overflowing rivers constantly looming over the Netherlands, you and your team have been chosen to construct a modern hydraulic system that will keep the ever-encroaching waters at bay. To succeed, you’ll first need to control the flow of water and keep it from spilling too far across the countryside. But storms are brewing and the sea is restless. Gather your team and fight the tide. Pandemic: Rising Tide is on sale now from Z-Man Games!

Combining elements of the classic cooperative Pandemic experience with unique new mechanics, Pandemic: Rising Tide immerses you in a thrilling battle against the elements. During the game, you join the long line of Dutch pump operators, port masters, hydraulic engineers, and other water control experts who have kept the Netherlands safe from flooding for centuries.


‘Smile’ Now Available from Z-Man Games


Dec 9, 2017

Deep in the dark forest, cute critters gather ‘round, waiting for you to give them what they crave. Some of these devious creatures will try to fool you. Some will butt heads and scurry back into the trees. Others will stay no matter what. Gather your fireflies and see if you can lure the best ones to your side.

Smile, available now from Z-Man Games, invites three to five players to enter the woods and hunt for the cute critters that live there. Tempted by the juicy fireflies that you carry, the critters just might come and join you…if you offer them more fireflies than your friends, that is!

Lurking in Smile’s deck of fifty cards are critters ranging in value from -5 to 6 and it’s up to you to gather the group worth the most points. During each of the game’s ten rounds, you have the chance to attract valuable critters to your side by bidding your fireflies. Placing fireflies on the critter with the lowest value will keep you in the running for the more valuable critters, but these tasty bugs go quickly if you’re not careful. You can always back out of a round and collect a card with at least one firefly on it. The fireflies you collect this way are yours to spend in later rounds, but the cards you take this way could deduct points from your score. Play carefully to make sure you have enough fireflies when you really need them!


Remastered Through The Desert Available Now From Z-Man Games


Nov 25, 2017

Fortune awaits across the sweeping sand dunes of Northern Africa. For centuries, Tuareg merchants have established and maintained trade through the brutal conditions of the Sahara Desert. Now, you can return to this harsh environment and forge your own path through the shifting sands. The remastered version of Reiner Knizia’s Through the Desert  is available now!

With a compelling premise and simple gameplay that allows for great strategic depth, Through the Desert makes an excellent addition to the Euro Classics line of games. True to form, the remastered version of the game maintains the classic experience of the original game while offering updated visuals and additional gameplay options.

The desert encompasses the entire board during every game of Through the Desert, presenting an opportunity to any merchant brave enough to cross its sands. The spices, wheat, gold, salt, and other goods carried across these vast expanses help connect West and North Africa and ensure the survival of the Tuareg tribes that transport them.


Bastion Available Now from Z-Man Games


Nov 22, 2017

The enemy has arrived at the gates!
You are the last line of defense against the endless hordes of monsters that now line the outer walls of the citadel.
Mount the walls and muster your courage.

Bastion is on sale now from Z-Man Games!

Combining aspects of popular tower defense video games with the tactile feel of a cooperative board game, Bastion puts you in the middle of an all-out onslaught from beasts, arch mages, dragons, and all manner of legendary creatures. The tension mounts every game as new foes arrive and slowly advance along the bastion’s walls.

To face this threat, Bastion unites one to four heroes in a desperate struggle against the forces of darkness. During the game, you become one of the few with the ability to harness the power of the magical sources found throughout the fortress and repel the invaders back from whence they came. With new monsters arriving every turn, you must travel around the castle districts, generate mana from sources, and attack enemies along the wall. Above all, Bastion is a cooperative adventure, so you must work together with your teammates if you want any hope of surviving this assault.


Z-Man Games Announces Agents of Venice Expansion for Voyages of Marco Polo


Nov 6, 2017

Marco Polo returns home in the first expansion to the 2015 hit The Voyages of Marco Polo in the new expansion, Agents of Venice.

This expansion adds two new modules that create more opportunities for you to become a renowned trader, as well as components to add a fifth player to the game. Additionally, you will also find more of everything that made The Voyages of Marco Polo a smash hit: new contracts, new city cards, new goal cards, and five new characters. Return to the thirteenth century and begin a new journey!

Whether played alone with the base game or together, the modules found in Agents of Venice provide you with new options to explore and even more ground to cover. Embark on a new journey and build your fortune!

Return to the Silk Road and become a master trader. The Agents of Venice Expansion is set to be released in early 2018.