Crabs Adjust Humidity vol5 coming soon

May 18th, 2015

Crabs Adjust Humidity is an unofficial parody expansion for the epically popular Cards Against Humanity card game.

There are already four expansions with 112 cards in each deck (which you can now buy as a set). You can now expect Crabs to infest your game again with volume 5.

The unofficial expansion cards are printed on linen finished casino-quality cards and feature the black-and-white card design similar to CAH. Each 112-card pack contains 80 white and 32 black that are all 100 percent compatible with the original CAH game. In fact, Vampire Squid notes that you must have the CAH base game in order to play this unofficial expansion.

Volume 5 is rumoured to launch in June, but Vampire Squid says they have no firm launch date as of reporting.