Game of Thrones RISK is coming

July 11th, 2015

Just like Winter, Game of Thrones Risk is coming this August from USAOpoly.

The game will have over 650 pieces, as can be expected from Risk.

You will be able to play as one of the seven houses in the Game of Thrones world. Exactly which ones are available, though, will depend on which variant you play; this Risk version is a triple-game in one box. There are two game boards to go along with that;  the War of Five Kings version takes places in Westeros, which uses houses Martell, Stark, Baratheon, Lannister and Tyrell. Then there’s the one in Essos that uses Houses Targaryen and Ghiscari. The third version brings all seven together in a no-holds-barred grudge match to the end.

Each House comes with a customized player board to help you track how you’re doing on territories, ports, castles, and victory points.

Characters will also play an important role. The game has character cards that will change up how battles are fought or territories conquered.