Chain of Command Force Pack now available for Star Wars TCG

July 21st, 2015

Pilots possess the raw skill and talent needed to pilot starships through the heat of interstellar combat, but without tacticians and commanders to coordinate the battle, the pilots’ heroism accomplishes nothing. Deliver your orders to your fleets with the Chain of Command Force Pack, now available for Star Wars™: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games

Like other Force Packs in the Rogue Squadron cycle, Chain of Command offers ten new objective sets (two copies each of five distinct sets) that focus on bringing the pilots and starships of Star Wars into the spotlight. The new pilot mechanic allows you to pair skilled pilots with cutting-edge ships, and two new fate cards ratchet up the tension in every edge battle. In Chain of Command, you’ll find iconic characters entering the game for the first time, including Grand Admiral Thrawn and Owen Lars. This Force Pack also offers several objective sets that can support either traditional gameplay or the two-versus-two variant. However you engage in battle, Chain of Command puts you in the admiral’s chair.