Hammers Slammer Detachment Packs available from Brigade Models

August 23rd, 2015

Brigade Models released their first 15mm sci-fi minis Hammer’s Slammer Detachment Pack – essentially a complete army in a box. This initial offering is the Stewart Regiment, a Scottish-themed force based around their British vehicles and figures. The full force consists of nine vehicles and thirty figures weighs in at a hefty 2650-points in a Crucible game.

As well as the basic vehicles and infantry, the pack contains lots of extras such as vehicle crew, stowage, resin fireteam bases and even washers to base the infantry on.

The infantry figures supplied are British infantry in Glengarry bonnets with rifle, command and support packs plus platoon packs both with and without APCs.

HS15-101 – Stewart Regiment Highland Detachment – £75.00

SF15-160g – Rifle Squad in Glengarries (x10) – £3.75
SF15-161g – Support Weapons in Glengarries (x5) – £2.00
SF15-162g – HQ Section in Glengarries (x6) – £2.75
SF15-170g – Infantry Platoon in Glengarries (x24) – £8.50
SF15-171g – Mechanised Platoon in Glengarries (x24) – £30.00