The Knights of the Green Flame want adventurers!

December 8th, 2015

The Knights of the Green Flame have put out a call for adventurers! Chris Perkins’ Sword Coast Legends adventure module: Knights of the Green Flame is now available for to download and run as a DM, or play through with a party of friends! You need Sword Coast Legends on your computer, but hey .. you already know that, right?

Chris Perkins is the Story Manager for the Dungeons & Dragons team. Since Sword Coast Legends released, he has been enjoying sending coworkers and Sword Coast Legends adventurers through the module. He has the following tips for players running the game as a DM:

  • Some DM characters are tagged as neutral, but you can change them to friendly or hostile as appropriate.
  • The adventure is much more fun if you ad-lib lines and voices for the various DM characters.
  • Custom quests unlock new locations to explore but otherwise have no set rewards.