Ganesha Games publishing Knights and Knaves

January 16th, 2015

Knights and Knaves is a supplement for the Battlesworn: Bid for Victory miniatures rules published by Ganesha Games.

18 new Classes, tested against the basic classes of Battlesworn: Bid For Victory.  Knights and Knaves adds rules for Acrobat, Alchemist, Assassin, Bard, Beast, Berserker, Chaos Warrior, Construct, Druid, Giant, Monk, Paladin, Pistoleer, Priest, Ranger, Swarm, Witch, and Witch Hunter.

This book adds generic magic melee and ranged weapons, Talismans, Amulets, Potions, and 12 new spells, all formatted as cards that can be printed or photocopied.

Guidelines for solitaire play are included.