Burning Games posts Faith RPG online

February 25th, 2016

Want a taste of how FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG looks and plays before you commit to a Core Set? Look no further: Burning Games now have a few resources to download for free.

  • The full rulebook in two parts, one with the rules and another with the setting of the game.
  • A web-exclusive introductory Faith adventure you can use to get a feel of what a game of Faith could be. In it, a group of outlaw characters find a vessel in distress and when they approach it to investigate, they find unsettling news. Will they try to come out on top and find a bountiful reward? Will they alert someone of their findings? This Faith adventure is perfect for a game at a convention, a one-shot session to try the game with your group, or the start of an epic campaign.
  • Blank and pregenerated character sheets to help you get started right away, be it with the introductory Faith adventure or a campaign of your own.