Final Days for Nightmare Forest: Dead Run!

February 25th, 2016

Nightmare Forest: Dead Run from SolarFlare Games is a card and dice take on side-scroller games like Rygar, Mario Bros. or Pitfall. You are camping in a forest with your friends as a critter-filled zombie infestation strikes in the darkness. Blinded and frantic, you blaze your own trail and race your friends out of the forest to be the survivor. Will you be the lone survivor to get back to the car and make it out alive? As the monsters grow ever-tougher, your decisions on when to push forward, when to utilize the little gear you can get your hands on, and when to use others as critter-bait will be the difference between success or being devoured in the Nightmare Forest.

In it’s final days on Kickstarter. Already funded and passed several stretch goals! Check it out!

For 1-6 players, aged 8+, plays in 20-40 minutes