Route 666 announced by Asmodee

April 22nd, 2016

Route 666 is the upcoming zombie road-trip game by acclaimed designer Martin Wallace and published by Asmodee.

Fast-paced, fun, and morbidly kitschy, Route 666 allows you and up to three friends to travel through a zombie-filled deck of adventure cards, challenging you not only to survive the full journey from Chicago to L.A. but to be the survivor with the most victory points.

Part survival game, part horror story, Route 666 boasts tension and irony in equal measure. You set off on a road trip to L.A., only to find yourself caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. But that won’t ruin your vacation!

In Route 666, you’ll fight zombie hordes. You’ll scavenge for gas and bullets. You’ll race your friends. And you’ll see the American countryside… the darkened, tainted American countryside, littered with shambling undead, haunted carnivals, and plumes of toxic gas.

And if you can get past all of that? It’s fun, armored tanks, and beach parties in sunny L.A.!