Let’s Start a Riot! Bloc by Bloc: The insurrection board game is finally here

May 15th, 2016

Bloc by Bloc from Out of Order Games is a semi-cooperative game inspired by 21st century popular uprisings around the world that is currently live on Kickstarter through May 17

In Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection Game, players must work together to overthrow a repressive government and liberate a randomized city that changes with every game. Workers, students, neighbors, and prisoners are all a part of this rebellion and each player takes on the role of one of these revolutionary factions. To win, players must build barricades, loot shopping centers, occupy city districts, clash with riot police, and defend liberated zones before time runs out and the military arrives.

“A cooperative tabletop game made perfect sense for the theme of insurrection,” said Rocket Lee of Out of Order Games. “The game itself plays the role of the police and the success of the uprising depends on the ability of the individual factions to find common ground in the midst of the mayhem and action.”

Although the state is the common enemy of all factions in Bloc by Bloc, each player is also dealt an individual faction agenda adding an additional layer of strategy and tension to gameplay. Those factions with Vanguardist or Nihilist agendas must sabotage collective efforts and are secretly playing to win the game alone.

Bloc by Bloc is the first project by Out of Order Games, a subversive game design and publishing collective. The game is inspired by recent anti-capitalist uprisings and popular rebellions in locations ranging from Oaxaca, Mexico to Athens, Greece to Out of Order’s hometown of Oakland, California. Conceived over five years ago, Bloc by Bloc is shaped by the designers’ varied experiences in street protests, social movements, and anarchist projects around the world over the last decade.

“Translating a timely and provocative subject matter into a strategy board game has been an exciting challenge,” said Tim Simons of Out of Order Games. “We think Bloc by Bloc is an important contribution to a growing gaming community that is hungry for new and unexpected directions.”

Number of players: 2-4
Time required: 120-180 minutes
Suggested ages: 14+