Munchkin Hidden Treasures to release in January

September 21st, 2016

Add 78 hard-to-find cards to your Munchkin game, no fuss, no muss, this January.

Once upon a time (2010-2014 to be exact) Warehouse 23 made packs of promos, available only online and at conventions. The people rejoiced, and the kingdom lived in peace. Then one day, they went out of print, and the realm fell into chaos and disorder. Or people begged to get the old promo packs. One of those.

Fear not, for Munchkin Hidden Treasures is coming, and contains all of the standard Munchkin-sized promos included in the Warehouse 23 boosters. Even the out of print cards from the earlier packs! Now’s your chance to find some of the promos you may be missing, right in your local game store.

Munchkin Hidden Treasures combines almost* all of those hard to find cards into a single, easily transported package! * A few odd-sized cards are not included.