Tavern Masters’ final 4 days on Kickstarter!

November 3rd, 2016

Tavern Masters is an exciting quick-play tavern-building game where each player stocks their Tavern with Goods to draw in new Patrons each round and hopefully entice them to stick around! Buy Drinks, hire Barmaids and Minstrels, serve Mutton and Crusty Bread, and welcome in Patrons both lowly and Noble; all to earn more Gold each round! Be the player to earn the most and secure your place in history as the greatest barkeep in all the land!

Tavern Masters will retail for $39.99 but will be available through this Kickstarter campaign for $35.00 with free shipping within the USA. The game consists of two decks; the Tavern Deck (70 cards) filled with Goods and Staff to purchase for your Tavern and the Patron Deck (75 cards) containing thirsty customers to lure into your establishment. Each copy also includes 60 Gold chipboard coins, 10 Gold Dragon chipboard coins and rule book all tucked into a custom plastic insert tray! In addition, all backers of this campaign will receive three promo cards; including the “Tavern Masters Card Game” Kickstarter Exclusive Promo Tavern Card!

DKG is also offering the “Tavern Masters Dirty Deeds Expansion” as an Add-on for the campaign. The Dirty Deeds Expansion adds the Dirty Deeds Deck (48 cards) to the game in addition to six new Tavern Cards and ten new Patron Cards all in a custom tuck box. This expansion introduces a more direct player vs. player element into the game using your loyal Patrons and Staff to play nasty tricks on your opponents. The expansion will retail for $14.99, but will be offered for $10.00 during this Kickstarter.

All of the artwork is designed and crafted by the amazing Galen Ihlenfeldt and this artwork serves as the first look at DKG’s fantasy setting “The World of Destiny”! Tavern Masters is Dann Kriss Games’ first game featuring this setting which will expand in future game releases from DKG. The game and products will be manufactured by Whatz Games.

The initial funding goal for the Tavern Masters Kickstarter is $15, 000. Stretch Goals for the project are directly game related including a custom metal Gold Coins and Golden Dragons Add-on, custom dice, additional promo cards and more!. The campaign also includes special Pledge Levels for multiple copies of the game and expansion, a Collector Level that includes an original prototype card, and a Portrait Level to add that backers’ likeness forever immortalized as part of the game and all Add-ons! Once the initial goal is reached, wholesale prices will be available to retailers.

There are so many thirsty Patrons out there; come join us in the adventure!

The Tavern Masters Kickstarter campaign will conclude at 11:59 PM on Monday Nov. 7 2016.