Bloodborne: The Card Game available now from Eric Lang and CMON

November 12th, 2016

Bloodborne: The Card Game, by Eric M. Lang and CMON, is the hotly anticipated tabletop version of the hit video game by FromSoftwar and Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4.

Available at your local game store now!

In Bloodborne: The Card Game, players take on the role of the Hunter. They’ll delve deeper and deeper into a Chalice Dungeon and face off with the monstrous minions inside, before finally confronting a horrifying Final Boss.

The Hunters’ goal is to collect Trophies and Blood Echoes from their defeated victims. They’ll work together to combat the monsters of the dungeon, but only the Hunter who has acquired the most points will be allowed to leave the dungeon and return to the real world. So don’t mistake the occasional cooperation for friendship; Hunters will turn on each other to ensure they are the one to leave victorius.