Snake Oil expansion for Shoot n’ Skedaddle available now

December 21st, 2016

The Snake Oil Expansion for Shoot N’ Skedaddle is now up and available from Turnstile Games.

This 27-card expansion is a shuffle-in expansion which adds seamlessly to your current SNS game.

This expansion includes: nine new characters (two Lawmen and two Outlaws in addition to five Neutral characters), 10 unique salves and tonics which make up the Snake Oil Deck (boosting the abilities of your characters – or sending them to an early grave!).  There are four more special cards for both the Outlaw and Lawmen special decks.

While I’ve kept the full content of the characters hidden away, if this is something you’re curious about feel free to ask me on the Facebook page.  I think most people enjoy a bit of a surprise when they’re going through the main box, so I wanted to keep to that tradition.

A PDF version will be available in a few weeks.