Gynnade Krigare multipack limited offer

December 31st, 2016

Once again available by popular demand for a very limited time and only through the Red Box Games store the Gynnade Krigare multimpack…..first published in 2012 and retired not long there after the Gynnade Krigare are a highly modular multi figure kit composed of 5 figures fitted for universally interchangeable right hands left hands and heads.

The pack itself includes 10 different head options holding both closed face helms and open faced helms, 6 different right hand weapon options including 2 swords, 2 axes, a hammer and a mace, 5 different left hand weapon options including a dagger, a sword, a hammer, a mace, and 2 axes and finally a set of 5 different shields with unique shapes for further individualization of the characters. These figures stand roughly 35 mm tall when put together and are slightly bulkier than usual RBG figures. They would make fantastic additions to any marauding evil barbarian horde or army bent to the will of dark forces. Get them while you can because come febuary 1st 2017 the pack comes down from the RBG store and will never be made available again!