Warhammer Quest is Back and open for PreOrder

February 19th, 2017

Warhammer Quest Shadows Over Hammerhal is a boxed game for 2-5 players, set in – and below – the splendid city of Order, Hammerhal. Also compatible with Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Hero Cards, so any miniatures you already have for that game can be used in Shadows Over Hammerhal.

Inside the box is 31 miniatures, a 72-page guidebook, a 32-page adventure book for the game master to use, 18 double-sided board sections, 55 cards, 12 dice and counters/markers for tracking your heroes as they gain experience and skills.

Last published around 1995, Warhammer Quest is making a triumphant return thanks to Games Workshop finally caving into fans’ wishes.

Scheduled to release at the end of February you can preorder the game for $150 and get some extras for free, including an art card of The Yncarne, Avatar of Ynnead and a free Game master’s Screen.