FFG Announces Unbreakable Bonds Expansion for Runebound 3rd Edition

July 31, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the Unbreakable Bonds expansion for Runebound Third Edition is now available!

With new heroes, scenarios, and forms of gameplay, as well as a wide variety of new asset and skill cards, this expansion offers players hours of enhanced gameplay to unite and pursue glory!

Unbreakable Bonds unites two new heroes of the Runebound universe. The famous elven warrior Eliam is renowned for the lightning speed of his twin blades and the cruel joy he takes in destroying his enemies. But despite his fame, the bold adventurer must constantly seek high-paying quests to fund his lavish lifestyle. Meanwhile Tatianna, the master huntress, seeks fortune not for herself, but to ensure the survival of her tribe. These unlikely allies must come together to face adversaries more powerful than any they have encountered.