The Unspeakable Oath Comes to Arkham Horror TCG

Nov 24, 2017

Your greatest fear has come to fruition. The maddening horrors you have witnessed and battled for so long have finally driven you to the asylum. How foolish you were to investigate the terrors accompanying The King in Yellow, but there can be no turning back from what awaits you.

The Unspeakable Oath Mythos Pack for the Path to Carcosa cycle of Arkham Horror: The Card Game is now available from Fantasy Flight Games!

The Unspeakable Oath equips you with two copies each of twelve different player cards, including upgraded versions of familiar cards and entirely new cards that have never appeared in the Arkham Horror LCG before. You can play this scenario as part of the Path to Carcosa cycle or as its own standalone adventure. After all, you never know when a trip to the asylum may prove beneficial to your health.