Remastered Through The Desert Available Now From Z-Man Games

Nov 25, 2017

Fortune awaits across the sweeping sand dunes of Northern Africa. For centuries, Tuareg merchants have established and maintained trade through the brutal conditions of the Sahara Desert. Now, you can return to this harsh environment and forge your own path through the shifting sands. The remastered version of Reiner Knizia’s Through the Desert  is available now!

With a compelling premise and simple gameplay that allows for great strategic depth, Through the Desert makes an excellent addition to the Euro Classics line of games. True to form, the remastered version of the game maintains the classic experience of the original game while offering updated visuals and additional gameplay options.

The desert encompasses the entire board during every game of Through the Desert, presenting an opportunity to any merchant brave enough to cross its sands. The spices, wheat, gold, salt, and other goods carried across these vast expanses help connect West and North Africa and ensure the survival of the Tuareg tribes that transport them.