Explorers of Ixalan Multiplayer Magic: The Gathering Board/Card Game Released

Nov 26, 2017

Just released by Wizards of the Coast, Explorers of Ixalan is a multiplayer Magic: The Gathering game with a board component.

Play as one one of four rival tribes: Vampires, Pirates, Merfolk, or Dinosaurs, each with a custom card deck. Defend the city against your opponents and claim dominion over Ixalan!

Explore the tile-based map, uncovering bonuses that will swing the tide of battle in your favor! Explorers of Ixalan is a multiplayer free-for-all battle, so don’t let your opponents conquer your site tiles! These map tiles bring the game to different locations across Ixalan each granting unique bonuses. The inner jungles of Ixalan conceal many powerful secrets!