The Return of Khan Set for Star Trek: Frontiers Now Available

Jan 20, 2018

WizKids has released the Return of Khan set for Star Trek: Frontiers.

Following in the footsteps of Star Trek: Frontiers, this all-new expansion brings the same level of content to Star Trek: Frontiers that Lost Legion brought to the world wide hit, Mage Knight Board Game. Tougher challenges and even more strategic choices await you in this expansion that will be a must have for the fans of this fantastic series.

The Return of Khan Expansion Set features:

114 Game Cards
1 Expansion Rulebook
1 Data Die
6 Data Crystals
1 U.S.S. Enterprise-A Ship Figure
1 Pequod Ship Figure
5 Space Map Tiles
15 Encounter Tokens
20 Skill Tokens
2 Round Order Tokens
15 Faction Tokens
6 Level Tokens
1 Away Team Token
1 Khan Token
6 Round Tracker Tokens