Tiny Shark Interactive UK Announce SpaceBabiesNRobots

Feb 5, 2018

Tiny Shark Interactive UK Ltd is proud to announce its first board game “SPACEBABIESNROBOTS” to be launched on Kickstarter in February 2018.

“SpacebabiesNRobots” is an easy to play board game with little strategy and lots of fun.The premise is simple,each player has four robots, carrying babies.Player has to get all his robots to the escape pod while facing scary alien creatures,dangerous cyclones and opponent traps.First player to get all his robots to escape pod wins.All the players will be equipped with certain weapons and power ups which can be used strategically.Maximum of four people can play this game.

SpacebabiesNRobots is for the ages 7 and above. It can be played by 2- 4 players.The game contains three boards, varying in visuals and also in gameplay time. The first board “Classic” has gameplay time between 45- 60 minutes. The second board, “Whirlpool” has less number of blocks than Classic. One game can be completed in between 30-45 minutes. The third board, “Skirmish” has the least number of blocks and has gameplay time of 25- 30 minutes. Players will have to vary their play-style according to boards. They will be provided with 8-12 tiles depending on the game board, 16 Robot pawns, Dice(s), 24 cards,Dice cup and Rule Booklet. SpacebabiesNRobots is expected to be on Kickstarter from February till March. The team is seeking for 10000 USD to complete the project.