If you have missing/broken components that detract from the experience of playing the game, please read the following and then fill out this form to request a replacement.

If the form doesn’t cover your concern, please e-mail us at sales@iwillnevergrowup.com.

If your box is damaged in transit: Please contact the retailer from whom you made the purchase to replace the game or receive a partial refund. We don’t replace boxes.

Russia, South America and Africa: Due to the high rate of unsuccessful replacement parts shipments to Russia, South America and Africa, we can not send parts to customers in those regions. We can, however, ship to forwarding addresses in the US, Europe, and other regions.

To replace or not to replace: It’s important to us that you get the full and best version of your game, and we will respond to any requests for replacement parts. That said, we ask for your compassion and understanding if certain types of tokens are missing or broken. For example, 1 missing health token out of many isn’t going to impact the game, and it is quite expensive to send even a single, small token, especially to international backers. On the other hand, if you need exactly 1 meeple per player, if any of them are missing, definitely let us know right away so we can replace them at no cost to you.

** Sir Barksalot Standee for Into the Black: Boarding Party – This standee was not printed with the punch boards and so there is no replacement part available. For the time being a Print and Play solution has been provided (Print out and paste to one of the blank standee punch board pieces). **