Assault on Kuwait City 1991




The designer of this ‘Game’ has taken it upon himself to devise an “Exercise” for actual Military Command Staff Officers(and supposedly to introduce them to the “horrifying aspects of modern Airmobile Infantry Operations.

For the components, you have: the game-box~overall WHITE with a ‘Military’-style map of a very small portion of the “Saudi-Iraq-Kuwait” area (centered around that ‘Neutral Zone’ there) printed on the box-top; ‘2’-identical Rulebooks(‘1’ for EACH ‘side’); ‘2’ SETs of cardboard Game counters with ‘2’ sizes of them(40~’20’-for each SIDE, of 3/4 by 1-inch & 112~’56’-for each SIDE, of 3/8 by 1-inch); ‘2’-d6 DICE; ‘2’ DECKS of Cards that correspond for every ‘Unit’ in the ‘Game’ for BOTH sides; and a very large paper mapsheet(28-inches by 34-inches) with HUGE hexes(‘2’-inches across from ‘flatsides’ of the HEX!) of “Kuwait City” and it’s environs, printed BLACK on WHITE. The ‘scale’ of the Military Units is given as “Platoon” to “Company” level.

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 300 × 235 × 40 mm


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